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Sweden’s Gambling Sector Revenues Level Out as the Market Settles Down

Despite the perceived stagnation, the country’s gaming industry remains healthy as players enjoy one of the safest markets in Europe

The past few years have seen Sweden’s gambling industry undergo significant changes, motivated by the government’s commitment to enduring player protection and responsible gambling practices. Despite gambling revenue leveling out, operators in the country can still bring in substantial profits and contribute to a sustainable and socially responsible gambling landscape.

The Industry Has Reached an Equilibrium

In the first quarter of 2023, Swedish-regulated gaming operators recorded revenues of SEK6.6 billion ($609.3 million). These statistics are available via Spelinspektionen, the country’s gaming authority. The regulator uses this data to gauge the trends in the industry, contributing to its informed decisions on potential policy changes.

Q1 revenue was nearly identical to 2022’s results for the same period, though the overall figure fell compared to the last three months. While state lottery and slot games experienced limited growth, reaching SEK 1.4 billion ($129 million), it was not enough to offset losses in other verticals. 

Commercial online gambling and betting, which accounts for most industry revenue, dropped 1% compared to Q1 2022, settling at SEK 4.2 billion ($387.2 million). The third significant sector of games for public purposes also slumped 6%, generating SEK 812 million ($74.8 million), while community games and bingo recorded a modest SEK 38 million ($3.5 million).

Strict Regulations Ensure Sustainable Business Practices

While all operators hope for endless growth, market realities dictate that revenues eventually stabilize. The gradual stabilization of Sweden’s gaming industry reflects the market’s long-term sustainability and is a testament to the regulator’s successful efforts. The country remains an attractive jurisdiction for operators and suppliers, fostering a fair and transparent environment.

Sweden’s approach to gambling regulation involves close collaboration with licensed companies within the industry, enabling a swift response to emerging challenges and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Spelinspektionen continuously implements new player protection measures, prioritizing their well-being above all else. While such an approach can impact operators’ short-term profits, it fosters a sustainable, people-focused market.

By prioritizing the well-being of its citizens over financial gains and rigorously enforcing its regulations, Sweden sets an example for other jurisdictions. Gambling revenue leveling out means the market has reached an equilibrium as operators focus on attracting players with quality offerings and superior experiences rather than resorting to potentially harmful practices.

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