September 28, 2023 2 min read


Rob Manfred’s Plans for MLB Gambling Podcast Don’t Sit Well with Fans

Many slammed Manfred’s alleged double standards when it comes to gambling, others are concerned about the league’s relationship with gambling companies

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred recently addressed the fast-growing popularity of sports betting, saying that he plans to host a podcast dedicated to gambling on professional baseball. The commissioner teased his plans to analyze every game and every swing through the lens of gambling, providing bettors with exciting content to look forward to.

Manfred sees this podcast as a way to engage MLB fans and grow the popularity of the sport. However, a number of non-gamblers were unamused, expressing their disgruntlement about Manfred’s alignment with gambling.

In addition to many fans’ feeling that Manfred is doing it all for the money, many were opposed to the idea of the podcasts because of Pete Rose, a former Cincinnati Reds player who was banned from competing professionally.

Rose received his ban precisely because of wagering on sports during his time as a manager for the club, leading many fans to call the tie-up “disgusting.”

Fans Accused Manfred of Having Double Standards

The uncomfortable Rose case and Manfred’s plans for a podcast caused an immediate backlash on X, where multiple people slammed the very notion. Paired with the inherently controversial nature of gambling, the announcement caused an online scandal among MLB audiences.

Rose proponents, on the other hand, argued that the MLB’s deepening ties to gambling mean that Rose’s lifetime ban is not justified and that the player should be included in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Despite everything, Manfred, who is already a controversial figure himself, continues to say that Pete Rose’s lifetime ban will not be revoked. For reference, earlier this year, Rose asked Manfred to lift his lifetime suspension. Manfred, however, declined.

The commissioner believes that the MLB’s partnerships with gambling companies are not reason enough to overturn Rose’s ban.


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