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The Culprits Behind the Red Rock Shooting Are Still on the Loose

A person was shot in the jaw but is expected to make a recovery

The area around Las Vegas-based Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa recently became the site of a shooting. Luckily, no one was killed but the two culprits are still on the loose.  

The shooting occurred outside Summerlin. At the time of the incident, one of the culprits shot a gun at a victim, striking him in the jaw. Missing any vital organs, the wound was treated on-site before the wounded person was rushed to a hospital. The injuries are not lethal, according to local news outlets, with the culprit expected to make a full recovery.

Luckily, no one else was wounded.

Reports say that the culprits had tried to rob the victim who was shot after his interaction with the criminals. The two men then fled the scene in a car, allegedly a black Chevrolet Camaro.

A Video of the Culprits Shows them Browsing a Store Before the Crime

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department later released a surveillance video preceding the shooting. The video shows the two culprits browsing products in a store.

One of the men wears a black jersey with the number 83 and a white hat. His partner, on the other hand, can be seen wearing a black shirt, grey shorts and a baseball cap.

Unfortunately, Las Vegas police officers have so far been unable to locate the car or the victims. The police described the men as “armed and dangerous,” asking anyone with any information about them to contact the authorities.

The local authorities will continue to investigate the case as they try to locate the two culprits. The identities of the shooters and the victim have not been disclosed as of the time of this writing. The police also didn’t say whether the victim or his assailants had actually visited the Red Rock Casino or had happened to be nearby.

In any case, the culprits now risk severe sentences because of their serious offenses. If arrested and convicted, the two can face charges of conspiracy, robbery and attempted murder, possibly yielding them years in prison.

AC Police Arrested an Armed Woman

A week ago, the police in Atlantic City arrested an armed woman outside Ocean Casino Resort. Carrying an illegal weapon and dangerous hollow-point rounds, the woman was also found to possess multiple bags of heroin she likely intended to sell to casino goes.

Despite owning a gun, the woman didn’t fight the police, resulting in no injuries. However, she now faces multiple years in prison because of her crimes.


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