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AC Police Arrest an Armed Woman Carrying Drugs outside Ocean Casino Resort

The police couldn’t confirm with certainty whether her intention was to sell heroin to casino goers

The Atlantic City police have arrested a woman carrying a gun outside the Ocean Casino Resort only to find out that she also carried multiple bags of heroin she might have intended to sell. Now arrested, the woman faces multiple years of jail time.

Jadairah James is a 27-year-old local who already has a track record of drug-related offenses. Upon checking her background, the police learned that she had been arrested for another drug-related offense in June. However, she was later released from custody on a summons.

Instead of learning from her mistake, James continued her participation in illicit activities. The current incident saw her display a gun at the entrance of the Ocean Casino Resort property at 9 pm. A casino security guard noticed her and contacted the local police.

Three police officers, namely Bao Pham, Brandon Jackson, and Kyle Riordan, happened to be on patrol near the place of the incident. The trio arrived at the scene, stopping the taxi car James was about to drive away in.

Upon inspection, the authorities discovered a number of illegally-possessed items.

James Risks Years in Prison

In the cab, the officers discovered an illegally possessed handgun, confirming the casino security guard’s report. In addition to that, they found multiple bags of heroin and many ammo rounds, including hollow-point bullets. For reference, hollow-point bullets are considered to be much more dangerous than regular ones because of their properties.

Luckily, James hadn’t used the gun at the casino. The police couldn’t confirm with certainty whether her intention was to sell heroin to casino goers either.

In any case, the gun and the drugs were seized by the police. While James’ intentions are yet to be clarified, the police are certain that she possessed an illegal weapon, hollow-point ammo and drugs. These offenses alone can mean a lot of trouble for James.

According to BreakingAC, James is being charged with a number of offenses, including:

  • unlawful possession of a weapon
  • possession of a defaced firearm
  • possession of a weapon while committing a drug offense
  • possession of hollow-point ammunition
  • possession of heroin
  • possession with intent to distribute
  • possession with intent to distribute within 500 feet of a public zone

During a short appearance in court, James told Judge Jeffrey Waldman that she must get back to her brother’s. While she acknowledged that the judge could not let her go, James informed him that everything she did was for her community.


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