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Refreshed Pokimane Fumes against Twitch Gambling Streamers

Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane has taken a decisive stand against gambling content on the platform in a recent interview following her return to streaming.

Drake at Pokimane’s Crosshairs

Following her monthly-long break from social media, Pokimane appeared on the H3 podcast hosted by Ethan Klein and Hila Klein and was fuming when asked about her opinion on gambling done by popular Twitch streamers.

Firstly, she admitted to being “such a Drake fan” but “ever since he has shown his true colors” via his involvement with gambling,  Pokimane’s preferences have changed, “disowning” him but not his music.

Earlier in the year, the hip hop star and four-time Grammy winner teamed with cryptocurrency betting platform for the ‘Drake on Stake’ live event and ever since the popular musician has been marketing the platform’s services through his huge bets.

Pokimane continued by expressing her wish to speak to someone who does crypto gambling and question their awareness aout where the money the company is providing them to gamble with comes from.

The Mechanics behind Gambling Sponsorships

Pokimane was adamant that it does not take much to understand that “whatever money this company is giving” to the streamer come from the profits the company is generating through the money of the streamer’s viewers whose gambling is marketed and advertised, concluding that “their profits are your viewers’ losses, therefore, your profits are your viewers’ losses.”

The host then suggested that there could be addiction involved, especially in the cases of xQc and Trainwreck, and though Pokimane admitted to having considered it a bit this way and having given them leeway for being addicted, she believes that “as people who are in such positions of privilege, power and influence,” they have the responsibility to “seek treatment” for their addictions rather than use their addiction “as a reason to just keep doing it.”

xQc and Trainwreck were recently dismissed by another popular Twitch streamer, Greekgodx, who claimed that anybody who does gambling streams is a “degenerate” he does not want to hang around with.

Greekgodx also sided with the community who called on Twitch to take action and ban gambling and now Pokimane also expressed a similar view.

“All in all though, I just hope Twitch takes action because I cannot trust individual content creators,” she said.

Pokimane then said that she would be so mad if the gambling section on Twitch is being plastered everywhere and being promoted and actively watched but, luckily for her, the section is more like one “to the side,” being a part of Twitch that she wished it was not.

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