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Greekgodx Distances Himself from ‘Gambling Degenerates’

Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonato used his latest appearance to launch an attack on fellow Twitch streamers who plowed into gambling in their streams, adamant that he does not want to be involved with them.

No Association with Gambling Streamers

When asked by his viewers why he does not spend much time with them, Greekgodx stated that his fellow streamers who use gambling content “do sh*t that he does not want to be involved with” and the whole idea of gambling streams on Twitch is “gross” for him.

This criticism sounds hypocritical from the mouth of Greekgodx who has a history of gambling during his streams in the past but if his claim that he has “fully woken up” is to be believed, so is his determination to stay away from gambling, claiming that he “would have to be real desperate for money” to turn to gambling streams again.

And while he did not “write that off just yet,” Greekgodx was adamant he would not “want to hang around with gambling degenerates.”

Greekgodx did not mention any fellow Twitch streamers but his attack on gambling streamers was pointed at Twitch stars Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam who have already embarked on gambling live streams and polarized their audiences, sparking debates among viewers and creators about the impact their streams can have on young and vulnerable viewers.

Earlier in the month, an article in Bloomberg singled out xQc for his influence on viewers to go into gambling and forced the Twitch streamer to come up with information about the amounts he has gambled.

Personal Clash with xQc

With his latest attack on gambling streamers, Greekgodx sided with other streamers who even called for gambling streams to be banned but xQc himself believes that the Twitch platform would never ban gambling streams. Greekgodx himself has been banned over his comments from the platform numerous times in the past.

The timing of Greekgodx’s comments suggests it was premeditated, following his recent explosive argument with xQc on Twitch in which he accused the gambling streamer of “being stuck streaming” despite having already earned a lot of money.

His comments will most likely receive heavy backlash from the streaming community which seems to be divided on the hot topic.

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