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Parimatch Named Official Betting Sponsor of Brazilian CCT Broadcasts

Berlin-based esports business GRID Esports named today Parimatch as the official betting sponsor of the Brazilian Champion of Champions Tour (CCT) broadcasts for the competition’s duration.

Expanding Partners’ South America Reach

The sponsorship agreement with GRID Esports would feature Parimatch across all Brazilian broadcasts of the CCT, significantly expanding both the CCT’s and the sports betting brand’s reach and engagement in South America.

Hailing the “great opportunity” to work with Parimatch, GRID’chief sales officer Mikael Westerling outlined the deeper understanding the sports betting brand shows regarding the “growing impact and further potential of the esports industry.”

“We aim to establish partnerships that drive growth to create a fruitful experience for CCT players and viewers alike,” Westerling continued, noting the feeling at GRID “that Parimatch shares the value of prioritizing fan engagement with the CS:GO, and greater esports community.”

Parimatch and GRID expect to create engaging experiences for CCT viewers utilizing Parimatch’s products for the Brazil CS:GO scene, while the regional broadcasts will be produced by CCT partner BTSBrazilTV which is also set to leverage the content portfolio of the entire Tour, including all Online cups, all Studio LANs, and the Finals in 2024.

Dmitry Belianin, CCO, of the PMI service company, engaged in the development and implementation of the expansion strategy for the Parimatch brand and GRID, also commented on the news, outlining that the company sees “great value in partnering with GRID” in a market such as Brazil which is relatively new for Parimatch.

‘Shared Values and Determination’

Highlighting GRID’s deep understanding of “data, integrity and the gaming community,” Belianin strongly believes that the collaboration for the Brazilian CCT broadcasts would be “as successful as all the previous ones” with GRID as it is “based on shared values and determination for the best results.”

“I am sure that our first steps accompanied by the best of the best will set the stage for an extraordinary journey,” he concluded.

The CCT, the first international CS:GO Tour jointly organized by esports companies FACEIT, Eden Esports, Relog Media, Black Molly Entertainment, Fantasy Expo, and supported by regional partners, including BTSBrasilTV, FiReSPORTS, REPUBLEAGUE, Fragster, Relog Media and Gjirafa, was announced in May this year.

Commissioned by GRID Esports, the CCT which features one of the highest prize pools in esports history, $3.4 million, began in July and is set to end with a Global LAN Finals in January 2024.

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