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Playmaker Gets Genius Sports as Yardbarker’s Exclusive Reseller

Sports tech, media, and betting company Playmaker has signed a partnership with sports data management, video streaming, and integrity services Genius Sports. As per the deal, Genius Sports will become the exclusive reseller of Playmaker’s sports news outlet Yardbarker

Genius Sports to Boost Yardbarker’s Brand

As an exclusive reseller, Genius Sports will propagate and resell Yardbarker’s marketing solutions to gambling operators and sportsbooks. This move is expected to provide a powerful marketing boost to both Yardbarker and Playmaker, as Genius Sports is a powerful ally with over ten years of experience in the field. 

Jordan Gnat, founder, and chief executive of Playmaker, and Ben Maggin, chief executive of Yardbarker, commented on the partnership with Genius Sports. Gnat pointed out that Playmaker currently has a unique market position thanks to its wide variety of assets. Through them, the company can reach audiences from Canada to Argentina. The two CEOs believe that Genius Sports is well equipped to serve Playmaker’s diverse audience.

“They (Genius Sports) have extensive reach with sports betting operators which we can now serve to the millions of sports and entertainment fans at Yardbarker and ‘The Morning Bark,’” Maggin said. 

Josh Linforth, MD at Genius Sports noted that becoming Yardbarker’s partner and advertising reseller for sports betting is an honor that serves to show the unique value of Genius’ services. Through a combination of the company’s profound knowledge on programmatic media buying and the demands of the modern sports fan, Genius Sports will help Yardbarket to maximize its revenues, Linforth believes. 

A Partnership of Two Industry Powerhouses

Playmaker describes itself as a company that “lives at the intersection of sports, betting, media, and technology”. It is working on establishing top-quality sports media brands that popularize sports betting in the Americas. Yardbarker, its media platform, was created in 2006 and currently has over four million unique monthly users and over nine million site visits. Its email journal “The Morning Bark” has about 360,000 subscribers who receive the freshest sports news each day. 

Genius Sports, on the other hand, has experienced significant growth recently. With its Q2 figures doubling in comparison to 2020, the company recently acquired the industry veteran Ian Wray to oversee and lead its expansion plans. 

Genius Sports partners with some of the most influential sports organizations. It has established relations with numerous leagues and federations in various sports fields. It offers its customers tech solutions that expand their reach, content value and, by extension – fan engagement. 


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