September 13, 2021 3 min read


Ian Wray Joins Genius Sports’ Leadership to Help Expansion

Sports data management, video streaming, and integrity services provider Genius Sports has hired Ian Wray into its leadership team. As a part of the company, Wray will have the responsible task of overseeing and supporting Genius’ expansion plans. 

Wray to Ensure Genius’ Offerings are Top-Notch

The newly-appointed overseer will take care of the pre-established partnerships between Genius Sports and the various partnering football organizations. Wray will make the utmost use of his skill to ensure Genius’ tech solutions are on a top-level.  

Wray commented on his new appointment and revealed that he is thrilled to be a part of Genius Sports. Wray believes that this is a crucial moment for the company because of the current boom in sports data demand. 

Wray revealed that he is “very much looking forward to helping Genius Sports leverage its existing portfolio.” He also vowed to provide his support in delivering the best value to the wide spectrum of Genius Sports stakeholders. 

Wray’s vast knowledge and expertise with sports data will be highly beneficial to Genius as he will work on boosting the company’s services. He has previously worked at the Melville-based broadcasting company ChyronHego for almost a decade. There, in the position of global sales leader for ChyronHego’s sports data division, Wray acquired a much valuable experience that will now translate to his new role at Genius Sports. As a global sales leader, Wray had the opportunity to work closely together with various football organizations on data technologies and fan engagement solutions. 

Capitalizing on Genius’ Impressive Statistics 

Genius Sports’ chief commercial officer, Jack Davison, has welcomed the new member to the team. “Ian is a real expert in how official data can be monetized to power the most contextual and engaging products for fans, coaches, broadcasters, and other key stakeholders,” Davison said.

He revealed that he considers Wray to be the ideal person to help double down on the company’s expansion efforts and “take them to the next level.” 

Genius Sports is experiencing a year of unprecedented growth. A few days ago, the company revealed details about its growth in the second quarter of 2021, where a triple-digit year-to-year growth number popped up. Its revenue for the same quarter had more than doubled up and is currently sitting at $55.8.

The company partners with some of the most influential football organizations, such as the Argentine Football Association, the English Premier League, and the Liga MX. Genius Sports has some important strategic partnerships with other bodies. It recently inked a partnership deal with Barstool Sportsbook.


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