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MGC to Ask Operators Why They Limit Certain Customers’ Bets  

Commissioner Bradford Hill said that this is only the start of the conversation

Massachusetts’ Gaming Commission is considering making operators explain the justification behind the betting limits they put on winning players. The so-called sports wagering operator wager limitations would often prevent regular winners from wagering big sums while still allowing losing players to bet away their savings.

The limitations in question, the MGC understood, sometimes help operators manage risk and prevent fraud. However, sometimes this same mechanic would be used on a per-customer basis, limiting how much a player can bet.

Such limits are permitted in multiple markets, to the dismay of bettors. As the MGC started exploring the topic, it reached out to players who have been affected by operators’ limiting practices. MGC chair Jordan Maynard pointed out that many consumers told the commission that they weren’t happy with the limitations. He also wondered whether operators are as diligent in turning off losing bettors.

According to Maynard, some people are wondering whether these limitations, if not justified, are legal at all. On that topic, the MGC’s sports wagering operation manager, Andrew Steffen, noted that the current rules indeed allow operators to decide how much they would take from bettors. However, Steffen added that the MGC might consider amending this regulation and suggested periodic roundtable meetings.

MGC Wants to Understand How Operators Decide Whom to Limit

Commissioner Nakisha Skinner also weighed in, saying that operators should probably at least tell patrons why they have been limited and what actions can get them limited. She also suggested finding a sweet spot where both operators and bettors are happy.

Skinner’s suggestion was echoed by commissioner Eileen O’Brien, who said that she is curious to learn how operators are making the decision to restrict certain players. According to her, this understanding would help the MGC decide whether change is needed.

O’Brien elaborated that this information could also provide the MGC with additional insights for future decisions. She explained that some of the questions the MGC may ask operators may remain confidential if they concern sensitive matters. O’Brien also added that the MGC would be interested in reading the industry’s upcoming responses to Senator Blumenthal.

In any case, commissioner Bradford Hill said that this conversation will surely continue. He emphasized that the commission is very serious about this matter and that the public should understand that. Hill added that conversations with operators definitely need to happen.


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