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ANJ Takes Action against Operators’ Anti-Consumer Terms

Operators are only allowed to limit player bets in order to prevent problem gambling, money laundering, the financing of terrorism or operator financial exposure

The Autorité Nationale des Jeux, France’s gambling regulator, continues its fight against anti-consumer practices. In its later crackdown, the ANJ evaluated operators’ terms and conditions to make sure that they didn’t allow them to limit bets without a valid reason.

For reference, operators are only allowed to limit player bets in order to prevent problem gambling, money laundering, the financing of terrorism or operator financial exposure. Otherwise, companies must refrain from doing so, lest they get called out for deceptive practices.

The ANJ’s review saw the regulator reprimand certain operators’ T&Cs, causing them to remove clauses or update their conditions. The regulator emphasized that limiting bets without a valid reason is a violation of France’s consumer laws.  

ANJ Wants to Shield Players from Unfair Practices

In addition to checking T&Cs that allow operators to unjustly limit players from placing bets, the French gambling authority also examined clauses that partially or fully excluded operator liability. According to the regulator, some of these conditions prevented players from seeking compensation should the operator violate the gambling regulations.

As a result, the ANJ concluded that such T&Cs constituted anti-consumer practices and reprimanded the operators in question.

In addition to allowing gambling companies to avoid responsibility, some clauses also prevented players from undertaking legal action against their businesses by forcing them to file complaints in specific courts. The regulator pointed out that players should be able to protect their interests no matter where a gambling company is based.

Additional problematic clauses restricted what players could use as proof or the period in which customers could file a complaint.

The French regulator reminded players that operators are not obliged to use standardized T&Cs and can have their own conditions, as long as they do not violate the French regulations.

ANJ Unveiled Its Gambling Harm Prevention Plan

The ANJ’s probe into operators’ terms and conditions comes two months after the regulator unveiled its new gambling harm prevention strategy. As outlined in the authority’s strategic plan for 2024-2026, the organization will do its best to drastically reduce excessive gambling, fight against illegal gambling and strengthen the economic dimension of regulation.

This plan would rely on robust scientific knowledge of the market and gaming practices. It would also call for cooperation with industry shareholders and other regulatory bodies.


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