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Majority of Pubs and Clubs in NSW Comply with Gambling Ad Ban

The gambling regulator in the state, Liquor and Gaming NSW, reveals that nearly 99% of the inspected clubs and pubs complied with the ban on external gambling advertising

Amid the growing concerns about problem gambling and gambling harm, the local government in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, pushed changes related to the gambling sector. Back in May, lawmakers announced their plans to ban external gambling signs. Licensed gambling operators were given a few months to comply, confirming that measures come into effect on September 1, 2023.

Now, just about a month after the implementation of the ban on external gambling signs, the state’s gambling regulator, Liquor and Gaming NSW, announced that an overwhelming majority of pubs and clubs comply with the new instructions. A recent report released by the gambling regulator reveals that a probe uncovered that nearly 99% of the inspected pubs and clubs across NSW have removed their external gambling signs.

The inspections conducted by the gambling regulator involved more than 1,100 gambling locations within 35 metropolitan and eight regional local government areas. According to the gambling watchdog, this represented approximately 50% of all NSW gambling venues that have gaming machines. After the inspections, Liquor and Gaming NSW concluded that only 16 venues had external gambling signs. Analyzing the data, the gambling regulator concluded that the inspections showed a compliance rate of nearly 99%.

Minister of Gaming and Racing Praises the Recent Results

David Harris, the Minister of Gaming and Racing, confirmed that the removal of external gambling signs was only one part of the ambitious plan of the government to curb problem gambling. He thanked the gambling licensees that complied with the new regulations and explained: “We have been working positively and proactively with industry associations and venues across the state to educate, inform and support them through this process and ensure this high level of compliance.”

Harris praised the venues’ efforts, explaining that external signs now consist of food and beverage as well as entertainment and live music advertisements. “It makes a noticeable difference to the amenity of our cities and suburbs,” he added. Finally, the Minister of Gaming and Racing said that it is great to see the efforts of the gambling sector in collaboration with the government to reduce problem gambling.

Venues That Do Not Comply to Be Subject to Fines

The gambling regulator said that its inspectors are “currently assessing the instances of prohibited signage identified during the blitz, to determine the cause of delay in removing the signage.” It added that gambling venues that have not removed their external signs would be subject to fines. Ultimately, Liquor and Gaming NSW vowed to a zero-tolerance approach for such offenses starting from December 1, 2023.

In addition to banning external gambling signs, the government in NSW implemented broader changes to the gambling sector to reduce harm. The gaming overhaul includes the introduction of Responsible Gaming Officers for gambling venues with more than 20 machines, as well as the ban on political donations from clubs that offer gambling. Additionally, NSW enforced a limit from July 1 on the cash input for all new electronic gaming machines. This change slashed the previous AU$5,000 limit to AU$500.


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