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Stoke MP: Reforms Must Protect Jobs and Raise Industry Standards

Gideon said that it vital to get the reforms right if the UK is to protect jobs and investments

Stoke MP Jo Gideon has commented on the ongoing white paper consultations. Reflecting the sentiments of many of her fellow Conservatives, Gideon criticized the post-white paper indecisiveness and asked the UKGC to “keep with the political direction” set by the government.

Gideon weighed on the industry’s importance to Stoke-on-Trent, which is one of the biggest gambling hubs in the UK industry. The hub is the home of the global online casino operator bet365, which is a major driver of the local economy.

For reference, bet365 provides jobs to some 4,000 people, generating wealth and opportunity for the region.

Gideon concluded that the white paper, according to her, is “balanced, proportionate, and made crucial decisions in line with the evidence.” She acknowledged that gambling carries some risks and agreed that the United Kingdom’s gambling law must be aligned with the modern age.

However, Gideon believes that indecisiveness can only harm the industry as it causes uncertainty for businesses and customers alike.

The white paper launched eight separate consultations, and the proposals arising from those consultations could yet have huge ramifications on the betting and gaming sector, and for Stoke. It is vital we get those right if we are to protect jobs and investment.

Jo Gideon

UKGC Should Follow the Direction Outlined by the Government

The first set of white paper consultations, set to run until October 18, discusses the proposed affordability checks, game design, age verification and advertisement. A second round of consultations is already planned and will focus on the much-discussed mandatory research, education and treatment (RET) levy.

Gideon believes that it is crucial to get the consultations right if Britain wants to protect industry jobs and investment. She added that the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission has a big role to play and must ensure that the final proposals don’t stray from the direction outlined by the government.

That is particularly true on the thorny issue of affordability checks. When these were proposed as part of the white paper, we were told they would be frictionless and occur without customers being aware.

Jo Gideon

Gideon warned that disruptive checks risk alienating British gamblers and driving them toward unregulated and unsafe black market operators.

Gideon noted that the upcoming elections are likely to change things up. She urged her successor to do as her and put people before politics if they are to ensure Stoke’s continued success.


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