June 21, 2023 3 min read


NSW Regulator Confirms Ban on Credit Card ATMs at Physical Venues

After issuing directions to two hotels, Liquor & Gaming NSW reminded of rules that prohibit businesses that offer gambling activities to provide ATMs with credit card functionality

Considering the spread of gambling activities in Australia, there are different controls in place that seek to restrict problem or at-risk gambling. Only recently, lawmakers in New South Wales (NSW), pushed a proposal banning all external gambling signs.

Venues around the province were able to void the restriction for direct promotion of gambling by using external signs promoting “VIP Lounges” or using other similar text. This gap would be closed and by September 1, 2023, all providers need to remove any such external signs. This is only a part of the changes to the market that seek to curb problem gambling.

But while the aforementioned change is upcoming, there are other restrictions that safeguard consumers from excessive gambling. One such is the restriction that forbids hotels, pubs or bars that offer gambling activities to have ATMs with credit access. The Gaming Machines Act 2001 forbids any such machines from being present at any part of a property offering gambling activities.

Now, Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW), the body in charge of the responsible development of the gambling market that also monitors compliance with established regulations, issued a statement Wednesday, reiterating that ATMs with credit card functionality are not allowed to be positioned within venues offering gambling activities.

A Zero Tolerance Approach Applies to Bad Actors

Jane Lin, L&GNSW’s executive director of regulatory operations and enforcement, explained that the prohibition of credit card ATMs at gambling venues is a part of the broader effort that seeks to reduce gambling harm. She explained that the requirement is applicable to all gambling venues and seeks to limit people from excessive spending on gambling.

Lin explained that L&GNSW continues to monitor compliance with the regulatory framework and said that its enforcement approach can include “prosecuting offenses and issuing statutory directions or using other administrative remedies to address instances of non-compliance to keep our community safe.” She added that inspectors of the regulatory body monitor and test withdrawal capabilities at ATMs within gambling locations.

Liquor & Gaming NSW takes a zero-tolerance approach to venues that do not comply with gaming harm minimization requirements.

Jane Lin, executive director of regulatory operations and enforcement at L&GNSW

L&GNSW’s executive director of regulatory operations and enforcement warned that the body has a zero-tolerance policy against any operator not adhering to the regulations. Finally, Lin said that while the majority of operators adhere to the requirement, others that think to void it can expect harsh penalties in line with the laws.

The latest announcement released by L&GNSW comes after only recently, two hotels received a direction from the regulatory body, asking them to remove the credit withdrawal function from ATMs on their premises. One of the locations, the L&GNSW said, is the Wentworth Hotel at Homebush, owned by Iris Capital Group, while the other one was the Earlwood Hotel, owned by the Orion Hotel Group.


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