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French Couple Wins €73M EuroMillions Jackpot

This landmark victory marks the largest-ever jackpot in the French region of Var, blowing the previous 2015 record out of the water

French national lottery operator FDJ has confirmed the awarding of an extraordinary sum of €73,448,160 ($79,325,849) to a fortunate couple who clinched the EuroMillions jackpot on 20 February in the Var region. This colossal win marks the top amount ever won in the department, surpassing the previous record of €16,000,000 ($17,281,000) dating back to 2015.

The Winners Played Regularly

The winning combination that secured this historic jackpot comprised the numbers 23, 31, 37, 42, and 48, with stars 3 and 7. The fortunate couple purchased the ticket in a small tobacco shop in Ollioules, a suburb of Toulon city in the Var department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France.

In this remarkable tale of luck, the gentleman of the couple purchased the ticket as part of a long-running habit. Recounting the unforgettable moment, he vividly recalls when he discovered the life-changing results, precisely at 10:25 p.m., by checking the website. After verifying the numbers repeatedly, he ecstatically announced to his wife: “It’s us!” 

Upon learning of their fortune, the couple’s thoughts turned to their family, with plans to reunite them all for Christmas. “It feels like destiny, like love falling upon us,” expressed the jubilant wife. They chose to safeguard their winning ticket in an antique desk with secret drawers, a piece of furniture that holds sentimental value for them. 

The Couple Has No Grand Ambitions

Despite their newfound wealth, the couple intends to continue playing, viewing purchasing a ticket as a moment of fantasy and escapism. As the wife aptly advises, “To win, you have to play.” The tradition of playing the lottery runs deep in their family, with the winner’s father maintaining extensive notebooks filled with combinations. 

The fifty-year-old couple will carry on the family legacy. They already have several projects in mind, planning to enjoy their world of opportunities. Their shared passion for gastronomy will see them embark on a culinary journey across France and Europe. Travel, investments in interior decoration, and quality time spent with family are also high on their agenda.

This unexpected landfall closely follows another historic jackpot across the pond, which saw a New Jersey player score the $1.13 billionMega Millions jackpot. While the French couple’s winnings amount to less than ten times that amount, they will still walk away with a transformative sum that is still enough to guarantee them financial freedom.

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