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Vince Vaughn and Al Pacino Return to Vegas for High-Profile Shoot

Their upcoming movie will delve into the rich culture of Sin City, exploring the city’s glamorous shows and honoring its entertainment workers

Public records reveal that an upcoming movie starring Vince Vaughn and Al Pacino is applying for tax incentives ahead of filming in Las Vegas next month. “Easy’s Waltz” is set to be directed by Nic Pizzolatto, the creator of “True Detective,” marking his feature directorial debut. Alongside Vaughn and Pacino, Kate Mara and Simon Rex fill out the cast as co-stars.

The Film Could Significantly Bolser Vegas’ Popularity

Production company EW Film has applied for the Nevada Transferable Fax Credit Program, hoping to ease some of the financial burden of filming in Vegas. The Nevada Film Office will review the proposal at a Thursday hearing and decide if the upcoming movie can apply for a tax incentive. 

According to documents included in the agenda for the hearing, “Easy’s Waltz”’s projected Nevada expenditures will total nearly $8 million, resulting in a projected incentive total of $1.43 million. Similar proposals usually receive favorable outcomes, as high-profile productions can generate substantial revenue for the state while bolstering the tourism sector.

The content of the film itself advertises the glamorous nature of Las Vegas shows, making the movie’s audience more likely to visit the state of Nevada.

EW Film application

“Easy’s Waltz” producers anticipate employing up to 50 local cast and crew members for a five-week shoot at industry rates. They emphasize that the film will serve as a love letter to Las Vegas and its entertainment industry workers, with marketing efforts highlighting the city’s glamorous shows and flashy casinos.

“Easy’s Waltz” Could Encourage More Studios to Film in Vegas

The movie’s plot revolves around a middle-aged lounge singer, played by Vaughn, who gets a second chance at his career after catching the attention of an entertainment manager portrayed by Pacino. Filming locations will include the Wynn Las Vegas and El Cortez. Vaughn has close ties to Vegas, as his breakout 1996 film “Swingers” was filmed and set in the city.

Producers listed for the movie include Chris Lemole, Tim Zajaros, and Margot Hand, with Todd Phillips, the director of “The Hangover,” and Jack Whigham serving as executive producers. Such a star-studded cast and experienced team raises high hopes for the upcoming movie and may mark a return to a more classical era of filmmaking. 

The presence of iconic celebrities like Pacino and Vaughn should bolster tourism in Nevada during and after the shoot. The film’s content will allegedly showcase the allure of Las Vegas shows, potentially enticing viewers to visit the state. The city has spent quite a while without hosting a high-profile production, so a success for “Easy’s Waltz” could herald renewed interest in Vegas as a filming destination.

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