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Allwyn Unveils New Campaign for Its Set For Life Game

The new multi-platform campaign follows Allwyn’s campaign for the flagship Lotto game and has been designed to entertain audiences across social media, TV and cinema

Allwyn, the operator of the United Kingdom’s National Lottery, has unveiled a new campaign for its Set For Life game. The initiative seeks to promote the game and introduce it to new audiences.

To better promote Set For Life, Allwyn has teamed up with the award-winning producer and musician Fraser T Smith. Created by VCCP London and Hearts & Science, the new campaign focuses on the repeatability of winning Set For Life.

Set For Life, for reference, is a draw-based game that takes place every Monday and Thursday. As the game’s name suggests, it provides players with a shot at a top prize of £10,000 a month for 30 years, setting them up for life.

The new multi-platform campaign follows Allwyn’s campaign for the flagship Lotto game and has been designed to entertain audiences across social media, TV and cinema. The campaign features a brand-new track called “Win on Repeat.” Composed by Fraser, the piece is woven throughout the integrated campaign. VCCP, on the other hand, created a distinctive brand world for Set For Life, setting it apart from other National Lottery ad campaigns.

Girl&Bear Studios, on the other hand, was responsible for the visual approach of the campaign video and designed it more like a music video than an ad. The short film was produced by award-winning French director Luc Janin and Fraser and incorporates a variety of styles to convey the feeling of winning again, and again, and again.

The new campaign will be promoted across the UK and includes a high-impact OOH display at London’s Outernet and landmark OOH sites around the UK. The goal is to engage new players and channel them toward The National Lottery.

The New Campaign Is Sure to Turn Heads

Steve Parkinson, Allwyn’s marketing director, said that the operator’s recent campaigns show the emphasis it wants to put on the individuality of the National Lottery games.

With Set For Life’s distinctive top prize of £10,000 a month for 30 years, we had a great time dreaming up all the deluxe life upgrades this could offer –all set to the thrumming beats of Fraser’s beautifully crafted track.

Steve Parkinson, marketing director, Allwyn

Fraser T Smith also commented on the matter, saying that Allwyn’s campaign concept immediately appealed to him. He said that he feels honored to have been able to work with The National Lottery.

To be working with The National Lottery, which generates so much funding for projects – including music-based initiatives across the UK – feels very satisfying.

Fraser T Smith

VCCP Group’s global chief commercial officer, Darren Bailes, added that his team did everything in its power to create a campaign that would resonate with new audiences. Simon Carr, Hearts & Science UK’s chief strategy officer, added that the new Set For Life campaign is certain to “capture the attention of those who daydream about the future.”

The new Set For Life campaign is set to go live on March 31.


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