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New Jersey Player Scores Historic Mega Millions Jackpot

This victory continues the recent streak of high-profile jackpots and raises hopes for the upcoming Powerball draws

A Mega Millions ticket sold in the Garden State has scored what is believed to be the fifth-largest jackpot in the game’s history, lottery officials announced following Tuesday’s drawing for an estimated $1.13 billion. The winning numbers drawn were 7, 11, 22, 29, and 38, with the Mega Ball number 4

The Draw Created Thirteen New Millionaires

The ticket holder who purchased their ticket in New Jersey now has the option to receive the entire jackpot amount in annual payments or take a lump-sum payment estimated at $537.5 million. This jackpot win in New Jersey comes just seven months after the largest-ever Mega Millions grand prize of $1.602 billion was won in Neptune Beach, Florida.

Aside from the jackpot winner, thirteen other tickets in Tuesday’s drawing won at least $1 million by matching the first five balls. The lucky people purchased their tickets in various states like New York, Georgia, Florida, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. One of the New York tickets won $2 million due to the optional Megaplier feature.

This Mega Millions jackpot win marks the first such win since 8 December, when two players in California claimed a prize of $394 million. The new winner should quickly up their winnings, as February saw a $36 million Mega Millions go unclaimed after the ticket holder never showed up. The funds were returned, with some money going to educational funds.

The Powerball May Deliver the Next Big Win

The all-time largest US lottery jackpot remains the $2.04 billion Powerball prize won in November 2022 by a ticket bought in California. While significantly smaller, this newest win in New Jersey should still be enough to set somebody up for life. However, precedent has demonstrated that lottery winners face unexpected challenges and frequently waste their money in record time.

Lottery enthusiasts will have another shot at a massive payout this week. Wednesday’s Powerball drawing will offer an estimated $865 million jackpot, which would also rank among the top five in the game’s history. Even those who miss the grand prize can still walk away with substantial winnings, as $1 million tickets are becoming increasingly frequent.

The Powerball jackpot has remained elusive for thirty-six consecutive drawings. Lottery statistics show the odds of winning any prize standing at 1 in 24.9 and the odds of claiming the jackpot at 1 in 292.2 million. While seemingly astronomical, the substantial number of players means a new Powerball millionaire may be just around the corner.

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