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Las Vegas Sands Pushes for Legalizing Casino Gambling in Texas

Las Vegas Sands previously tried to influence Texan gambling laws by creating the Texas Sands political action committee in 2022 and investing $2 million in lobbying efforts for casino gambling legalization

Las Vegas Sands, which recently acquired a controlling stake in the Dallas Mavericks, has made a bold move by filing a petition aimed at legalizing casino gambling in the state of Texas

Las Vegas Sands’ Petition Pushes for Casino Resorts in Texas

Las Vegas Sands acquired a significant portion of the Dallas basketball team back in December 2023 and is now setting its sights on reshaping the Texan gambling landscape, reported CBS News.

The petition, submitted by the Texas Destination Resort Alliance, established in 2021, emphasizes its commitment to bringing high-end entertainment, luxurious resorts, and fine dining to Texans. Their strategy involves advocating for the expansion of casino-style gambling within the state.

This is not Las Vegas Sands’ first attempt at influencing Texan gambling laws. Back in 2022, the company launched the Texas Sands political action committee, investing a considerable $2 million to lobby for the legalization of casino gambling. 

Despite facing steep opposition, including skepticism from Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who highlighted the lack of Republican support in the state Senate, Las Vegas Sands and its allies remain undeterred.

Furthermore, back in December, Village Walk RE 2 LLC, affiliated with Las Vegas Sands, acquired a 108-acre property in Irving, Texas, near the former Texas Stadium site, sparking intrigue following Las Vegas Sands’ majority stake acquisition in the Dallas Mavericks. 

While the purpose of the land remains undisclosed, Sands expressed interest in developing an integrated resort in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, hinting at future acquisitions. This move further signaled potential shifts in Texas’ stance on gambling, with analysts speculating on the Adelson family’s influence in advocating for legislative changes.

Texas Gaming Landscape Shifts with Legislative Efforts and Industry Backing

State Rep. Charlie Geren introduced HJR 97 in February last year, outlining a potential pathway to amend the Texas Constitution and permit the establishment of casino resorts. The Chickasaw Nation, operators of Oklahoma’s Winstar Casino and owners of Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, have also expressed support for the introduction of casino resorts in Texas.

Moreover, upcoming developments such as the opening of the Choctaw Landing Casino and Resort in Oklahoma’s southeastern region further highlight the growing interest in expanding gambling opportunities within Texas’ vicinity.

Separate bills advocating for sports betting have also gained traction, with notable figures like former Gov. Rick Perry and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones endorsing legislative efforts to regulate this activity.For any significant changes to occur, legislative approval and subsequent voter endorsement would be required. With the upcoming 89th Legislature, proponents of legalized gambling are gearing up for a renewed push to sway lawmakers and public opinion in their favor.


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  • John
    March 29, 2024 at 1:36 pm

    This would be a good revenue for TX. Senior citizens would be happy to have a place of entertainment, dining & recreational enjoyment.

    • John foster
      March 29, 2024 at 11:53 pm

      We need legalized gambling, I am tired of going to Oklahoma and Louisiana and spending money that should be spent in Texas. I am 86 and have been hoping for this all my life, do not let me down.

    • Sharon
      March 30, 2024 at 7:46 am

      As a senior citizen I travel to Oklahoma once a month for a free 2 night stay. 90% or higher are seniors from Texas. I know I enjoy going and staying at the casinos. I just don’t understand why there are none in Texas. They should just go there and drive thru the parking lot to see all the Texas cars. We can keep all that revenue in Texas. It’s like recycling the money instead on building Oklahoma and other surrounding states revenue. So, pass whatever so I can stay and enjoying Texas more.

  • Pat
    March 29, 2024 at 7:54 pm

    Why not spend my money in Texas instead of Oklahoma?

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