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Majority of Canadians Call for Ban on Sports Betting Ads

68% of participants voiced their wish for a prohibition of current team players and celebrities endorsing sports betting advertisements

In a recent survey conducted by Maru Public Opinion, it has been revealed that a significant portion of Canadians is advocating for substantial changes in the landscape of sports betting advertising. The survey, which polled 1,534 Canadian adults in February, highlighted a resounding demand for stricter regulations regarding the promotion of sports betting across various platforms.

Majority of Canadians Call for Celebrities’ Ban in Sports Betting Ads

A staggering 68% of respondents expressed their desire to see current team players and celebrities prohibited from endorsing sports betting advertisements

This sentiment was echoed by nearly two-thirds of participants, with 66% stating that commercials promoting sports betting should be restricted during live sporting events. Moreover, a clear majority, accounting for 59% of those surveyed, emphasized the urgent need for a nationwide ban on sports betting advertisements.

Concerns regarding the impact of such advertising on vulnerable demographics were also prevalent. A substantial 75% of Canadians emphasized the necessity of shielding youth and children from exposure to sports betting commercials, citing fears that widespread accessibility to online betting platforms could lead many young adults into crippling debt.

Youth Engagement Drives Calls for Sports Betting Regulation

Furthermore, the survey shed light on perceptions surrounding the responsibility of sports betting operators in their advertising practices. A notable 62% of respondents expressed skepticism, believing that these operators do not act responsibly with their advertisements. Consequently, a majority, comprising 53% of those surveyed, called for increased government oversight and regulation within the sports betting industry.

Interestingly, the survey unveiled that a quarter of Canadians admitted that the ability to bet on sports incentivizes them to engage more actively with sports events. This sentiment was particularly pronounced among younger demographics, with 33% of respondents aged 18 to 34 expressing such motivations.

The findings of the survey underscore a growing sentiment among Canadians regarding the need for tighter regulations on sports betting advertising, with particular emphasis on protecting vulnerable populations from potential harm. 

In other news, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) urged the Ontario government recently to prioritize public health by implementing restrictions on gambling ads.

CAMH recommended reducing exposure to such content, especially among minors, and discouraging non-gamblers from participating in gambling activities. Experts, including Dr. Nigel Turner of CAMH, emphasized the need for operators to take responsibility and advocate for stricter regulations amidst concerns over rising gambling rates among youth.


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