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Las Vegas Sands Launches Campaign in Texas, Supports Gambling Expansion

Las Vegas Sands, the world leader in developing and operating Integrated Resorts, launched a new campaign in Texas today. The campaign supports the proposal for gambling expansion in the state and includes both radio and TV ads.

Las Vegas Sands Supports Gambling Expansion with New Campaign in Texas

World leader in developing and operating Integrated Resorts (IR), Las Vegas Sands, launches a massive advertising campaign in Texas today. The campaign aims at supporting gambling expansion in the state, according to the Texas Tribune, which announced the launch recently. Las Vegas Sands plans to invest millions in the new campaign. The main focus of the campaign will be that Texas residents can retain billions of dollars to the state, which are usually spent on gambling and tourism in nearby states.

Set to air on both radio and TV, one of the ads says that if the state’s legislature can allow Texans to vote for the building of four world-class IRs and casinos, billions of dollars will remain in the state. Besides retaining billions of dollars in Texas, the TV spot calls for boosting the economy, and the creation of tens of thousands of jobs. All of that will also help to fund vital services in Texas, proposes the TV ad.

State Legislators’ Hearing On Gambling Expansion Is Today

Last month, Rep. John Kuempel filed a proposal for gambling expansion in the state, which calls for the creation of “destination resorts”. Under the proposal, there would be four such resorts positioned within large metropolitan areas, and one in San Antonio.

Now, the launch of Las Vegas Sands’ new campaign coincides with todays’ state House committee hearing about gambling expansion in the state. Besides the ad campaign, Las Vegas Sands has also launched a new website dubbed Texas Destination Resort Alliance. The coalition asks state legislators to allow Texans the opportunity to vote for a statewide constitutional amendment, which would authorize the development of IRs.

Besides Sands’ recent initiative, recently, Bexar County residents have also shown support for a gambling expansion. Last week, KSAT released the results of a new poll, which included the answers of 618 Bexar County residents. According to the poll, 63% of the responders supported gambling expansion in Texas.


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