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Esports Technologies Joins ESIC to Reinforce Integrity Efforts

Esports Technologies has become the latest ESIC member committed to level the playing field in esports and crack down on fraudulent practices in tournaments and betting. 

ESIC Secures Esports Technologies Partnership to Stem Tide of Corruption

Esports Technologies, a NASDAQ-listed esports tech firm, has joined the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC). ESIC is committed to eradicating match-fixing and corruption in esports, an issue that has spread quickly around the competitive video gaming world, with prize pools now reaching $40 million.

As an official supplier of esports wagering solutions, Esports Technologies is in a unique position to aid ESIC’s efforts. The organization operates as a not-for-profit entity and strives to bring together esports stakeholders who would be interested in keeping esports clean.

Esports crime has already spread across various markets, with Australian law enforcement and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) quickly catching up. ESIC’s goal has been to bring together various entities that have a genuine interest in preserving the integrity of competitive video gaming.

This includes match-fixing and corruption during live esports competitions. Since 2016, when ESIC was founded, the organization has been able to bring many big names into the fold. Established betting companies such as GGBet, Betway and Entain have all been on the lookout to improve the gambling environment. 

ESIC has recently issued a statement against 35 esports players who have been suspected of fixing games in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), a popular first-person shooter game. The infringements were allegedly carried out via ESEA, a matchmaking platform. 

Yet, ESIC would not be as efficient without the help of its partnership, which now includes ESLDreamHackBLAST and WePlay, along with many other stakeholders.

Esports Technologies Supports ESIC in End Goal 

Esports Technologies COO Bart Barden was pleased to be joining ESIC’s mission to safeguard the integrity of esports and esports betting. 

Esports’ popularity continues to increase, Barden noted, and that means that bettors should trust that tournaments are carried out based on transparent and fair rules to esports fans. “When the public has trust and confidence in the esports industry, every stakeholder wins,” Barden concluded. 

ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith has been equally delighted with the new membership. Esports Technologies will contribute to the association’s ongoing efforts in stemming the tide of corruption that is impacting events around the world.

“By joining ESIC, Esports Technologies has displayed its commitment to maintaining the integrity of esports,” Smith added. Esports Technologies has the know-how and has been developing a new predictive model for esports events.

While this is designed to aid esports betting agencies, the model can also prove useful in detecting aberrations and discrepancies between what is statistically plausible and an outcome that is diametrically opposite to what was originally expected. Earlier this year, Esports Technologies secured a patent for live streaming, sports betting and gaming. 


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