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Lionel Messi Gets Cryptocurrency Fan Tokens Joining PSG

Messi agreed to take part of his payment in fan tokens minted by and allowing fans to engage closer with the club.

Fan Tokens Value Jumps as Messi Agrees to Be Paid in $PSG

Lionel Messi is accustomed to making headlines. The Barcelona FC’s former forward has finally had his long slow goodbye with the club and moved to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for a yet undisclosed amount of money. However, as part of his suspected remuneration package, estimated at $41 million a year based on reports, Messi has received $PSG Fan Tokens.

The tokens are hosted by, a blockchain platform, and based on the $CHILIZ digital token. In their root, $PSG Fan Tokens are digital club ownership rights that allow fans who have bought the tokens to weigh in on various decisions the club makes regarding football attires, transfers, strategies, and more. Not all of these rights are enabled for each token, and it’s up to individual clubs to decide how much clout they want to give fans. 

No token listed on has been used to enact monumental changes in a club, as soccer teams do retain their rights to make the final shot. However, an endorsement by PSG and Messi gives fan tokens a new meaning altogether.

Socios Tokens Continue to Build Their Branding 

The club confirmed rumors on Thursday that the player had received a “large volume” of $PSG fan tokens but didn’t say how many precisely. PSG stressed that the club did not break fair play guidelines, as some have suggested, even though the money paid to Ballon d’Or player’s package remains unknowns. has signed a string of high-profile soccer clubs in a bid to popularize the tokens. Among those opting to test the tokens have been teams such as Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Arsenal, and more. 

Socios has been very successful in achieving brand recognition across the world. Recently, the company signed a partnership with the Primera Division in Argentina, renaming the competition to Torneo

The company added İstanbul Başakşehir last year to the list of clubs to have ventured into fan token space, and not least, it branched out to esports in June this year.


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