June 24, 2021 2 min read


Esports Technologies Secures Patent for Live Streaming Betting for Gaming and Sports

Live streaming is an opportunity for Esports Technologies to launch its newly-patented product that allows audiences to bet directly in gaming and sports live streams. 

Esports Technologies Seeks to Integrate Betting in Live Streams

Esports Technologies, Inc. has secured a provisional patent that will allow it to field its expertise, advanced esports betting products and technology to provide an improved betting experience during live events, known as in-play betting. The technologies stretch to sports as well, and it allows sports and esports betting solutions to be integrated with some of the most popular streaming platforms available, including YouTube, Hulu, Amazon TV & Gaming, Twitch, Facebook Gaming and more. 

Commenting on the partnership, Esports Technologies CEO Aaron Speech said that the way fans watch and bet on sports had changed significantly and that the patent-pending technology would constitute the next step in the experience. 

According to Speech, the solution will empower bettors to “stay in the zone” and be able to access every aspect of the betting experience without ever leaving the streams they tune in to watch, adding:

“The industry is ripe for this kind of innovation. This patent filing is the first step for us in our continued journey to enhance the wagering experience for everyone.”

Esports Technologies CEO Aaron Speech

Streaming Hegemony with Watched Hours Going Up 

Live streaming as a phenomenon has been on the up, going from 1.97 trillion hours watched in 2019 to 3.93 trillion in 2020. Much of that was driven by the pandemic undoubtedly. More than 27 billion hours of esports content was watched through Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, and Twitch in 2020, Esports Technologies explained in the official press release.

The company believes that it can leverage its technology and offer seamless integration into multiple streaming platforms, leading to an immersive betting experience. All odds will be updated in real-time and allow players to make better-informed decisions, boosted by the real-time data feed. 

Esports Technologies appointed Mark Thorne as its new chief marketing officer, and the company has been doing well. The company has posted several other milestones in the past month or so, with Esports Technologies teaming up with Paddy Power’s virtual sports stock exchange ASX and a new app for a chance to “win like the pros” on the Apple App Store. 


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