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Arkane Network Adds the Atari Token to Development Platform

Atari has struck a pivotal partnership with the Arkane Network, listing its proprietor Atari Token on the Arkane blockchain app development platform.

Arkane Network Welcomes the Atari Token to Its Gaming Ecosystem  

Atari’s proprietor gaming token has been integrated as part of the Arkane Network’s development environment. Moving forward, developers can implement the Atari Token into their gaming products, based on the Arkane blockchain app development platform.

Arkane allows code-free solutions and lets game creators craft unique, blockchain-powered games, similar to the play-to-earn games that many industry leaders believe are the future of iGaming and gaming in general.

The Atari Token launched in March as part of the company’s broader plans to enter the online casino segment, and specifically iGaming operations based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Speaking on the occasion of the token’s launch in March, Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais argued that the time of online casinos based on cryptocurrencies had arrived. He further added that the company had long been interested in cryptocurrencies for the purposes of online payments and gaming.

Meanwhile, the Atari Token will serve many purposes within the Arkane Network. Developers will be free to empower consumers to use the tokens as a means to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets. Arkane co-founder and CSO Tim Dierckxsens has described Atari as a pioneer in the video gaming industry.

He noted that it was understandable why the company was shifting its focus on the blockchain gaming landscape.

“With this partnership, we will bring game developers, the gaming community, and the Atari brand together, to embrace blockchain technology as a solution to record digital assets and value transactions.”

More Blockchain Gaming Players

Other companies have endeavored on a similar path. Enjin and Forte are two blockchain networks that seek to empower gaming through the use of blockchain technology. Both Atari and Enjin are part of the Blockchain Game Alliance, co-founded by Ubisoft, a French gaming giant who recently tangled with Apple and Google over alleged theft of intellectual property.

As of now, the Atari Token is only available as a closed presale, with more buying opportunities down the road. Atari is going to open an exchange in summer and mint 7.771 billion Atari Tokens.

Meanwhile, the company’s blockchain casino project will span a range of titles, including poker, roulette, blackjack, and skill-based games which will tap into the Atari Token as the main currency.

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