Yahoo Sports Taps NBA for Sports Betting Broadcasts

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The NBA and Yahoo Sports have teamed up for a new brand of alternate sports betting broadcasts that began last Friday. 

New Sports Betting-Focused Broadcasts Comes to the NBA

Yahoo Sports and the NBA have joined hands to produce betting-focused broadcasts, with the first episode taking place last Friday and featuring the game between the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers

The show is available on the NBABet Stream, which now alternates on the NBA League Pass and focuses on the business of sports betting and helps fans get actionable pieces of information about each featured game, general betting trends, and more. 

Alternating betting-focused and regular broadcasts have been ongoing for a while now. In fact, the NBA started the initiative at the beginning of the 2020/2021 season in August, when sports began returning after a four-month hiatus. 

The show is hosted by Jared Quay, a Yahoo top dog, and betting analyst Preston Johnson who explores various aspects of the betting experience. The pair discusses BetMGM odds as well as specific trends to watch out for in pre-game and in-play markets.

Yahoo Sports general manager Geoff Reiss has explained that the Verizon-owned company is now capable of delivering the desired experience to all audiences. On the one hand, Yahoo can provide a dedicated sports experience to recreational fans, and on the other, the company dives deep into the demand for quality sports betting productions.

“To do a telecast of an NBA game for people who are interested in that game through a betting lens is a natural extension of how the category is going to mature,” Reiss explained. However, bringing a quality experience to sports bettors is no easy feat.

NBA, Yahoo, and BetMGM Make the Perfect Betting Storm

For starters, you need to secure the media rights, have a broadcasting environment, and not least find a sports betting entity that is willing to provide the data. Obviously, the scenarios benefit all parties involved, making it a rather easy sell.

In the case of the NBA, Yahoo, and BetMGM, teaming up has not been too difficult. All three companies have already been working together with Yahoo and BetMGM rolling out a joint-product for the Yahoo Sportsbook back in October. 

On the flip side, Yahoo Sports became the official marketing partner for the NBA in August, shaping an interconnection that would lead to a more fulfilling overall experience. Yahoo, though, continues to actively look for more opportunities to gear its product towards legal sports bettors in the United States.

With 20-odd states legalizing the activity and more trickling in, Yahoo has chosen to team up with a worthwhile partner. BetMGM shares Yahoo’s interest in

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