October 16, 2020 3 min read


Yahoo and BetMGM Bring New Features to Yahoo Sportsbook

BetMGM powers new features that will be available to Yahoo Sportsbook users. The new features aim at streamlining the registration and enhancing the betting experience for sports fans.

New Features Coming to Yahoo Sportsbook

Yahoo Sports has announced that two new features are coming to Yahoo Sportsbook. Planning to enhance the betting experience, the features will be powered by BetMGM. The new features offer to streamline the registration as well as enhance the sports betting experience.

One of the new features allows the player to use their Yahoo Sports account in order to access their BetMGM account. Furthermore, when a user is registering for a BetMGM account, the process can be completed through Yahoo Sports. This way, users have the ability to place bets on their BetMGM account from Yahoo account, without the need to download the BetMGM sports book app. The new feature eases the access to sports betting action even if the users do not have access to their permanent device which they use for placing a bet.

Besides the streamlining of the registration process, the new features include player prop odds for users of Yahoo Fantasy. Following the update, the odds are going to be visible on the players’ card and tab in the Yahoo Fantasy app. Furthermore, those odds are going to be available at multiple other locations on the web. But that’s not all. BetMGM released unique player prop odds, which are the result of collecting points from the fantasy scoring system by Yahoo.

BetMGM and Yahoo Strengthen Their Partnership

Geoff Reiss, GM of Yahoo Sports commented on the subject by saying that Yahoo Sports will continue to provide new ways for sports fans to go beyond engaging with content but also interact seamlessly with the sports that they love. “The new features continue to enhance our fan’s experience and as we continue to reimagine the future of sports,” concluded Reiss.

BetMGM Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Prevost said that the company worked closely together with Yahoo on their main goal to produce great sports betting content ever since the 2019 partnership was inked. In conclusion, Prevost said that BetMGM is excited to introduce the new product features which enable easier integration with BetMGM for Yahoo’s Sportsbook and Fantasy users.

Yahoo and BetMGM exclusive partnership date from last year. But with the recent update and the new features to Yahoo Sports powered by BetMGM, a unique fan experience is created that combines world-class sports betting and ease of access. All players of legal age in Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey, and West Virginia can use the full gambling features by Yahoo Sports and BetMGM.


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