July 26, 2022 3 min read


US Integrity to Offer Integrity Monitoring Services to MaximBet

In May, sports betting and gaming company MaximBet announced a partnership with platform provider Flows to have its processes streamlined and automated. Now, the brand has sealed a deal with US Integrity, an expert in sports integrity monitoring. The latter specializes in the detection of all types of illegal betting activities and game manipulation attempts, with the clear intent to eliminate them. The new deal has been signed just in time for MaximBet’s upcoming lunch on additional US markets. 

More Expansion at the Horizon

Owned and managed by Carousel Group, the sportsbook debuted at the end of 2021 in Colorado. Ever since the company managed to establish its football on the market and guarantee further expansion across the country in different jurisdictions. The group also entered the freshly launched Ontario gaming and sports betting market.

Nonetheless, as MaximBet is getting ready to take its expansion plans a step further, its integrity threats are prone to go up. This is why the company has chosen to collaborate with US Integrity and benefit from its integrity monitoring services. The services will be offered with the help of US Integrity’s proprietary dashboard, helping MaximBet be proactive in stopping illegal activities. This will be possible through a series of assessments of multiple sets of data in order to identify suspicious wagering patterns that are irregular.

Sports Betting Integrity, Pivotal for MaximBet

US Integrity is supported by SeventySix Capital, a venture capital company that invests in tech startups in esports, sports, and betting. US Integrity is busy constantly coming up with new solutions and technologies that can fight off corruption in the sports betting field and guarantee integrity in betting and sports. Sports integrity monitoring detects and discourages fraud, match-fixing, game manipulation, and other unethical or illegal betting-related activity.

MaximBet’s director of compliance Trish Wheaton called the “safety and integrity of the sports betting and online casino experience at MaximBet” something “of the utmost importance”. The company, therefore, expressed its excitement to be collaborating with US Integrity while growing across more regulated American markets. Wheaton also described US Integrity’s approach as “pivotal” for identifying sports betting activity that is potentially suspicious. 

US Integrity’s co-founder and chief executive officer Matthew Holt had similar thoughts concerning the new partnership. He added the company’s goal was to offer “conflict-free, best-in-class insights” and full compliance services to all clients. Hold also called the MaxiMbet an “exceptional” one, praising their high integrity standards. 

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