HEROS to Offer Equine Welfare Programs to the BHA

HEROS, an Oxford-based retraining stable, agreed to power the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) with new equine welfare programs. The stable will provide retired racehorses with the care they need.

HEROS Will Retrain Retiring Horses

HEROS was founded by Grace Muir who now serves as the company CEO. The stable provides expert care to race-trained horses and helps them to get used to life after their retirement.

As BHA’s partner, HEROS will provide the authority with best-in-class programs for any thoroughbred horses that retire from racing. The retraining company will help the animals recover and will retrain race-trained horses.  

After a horse has been retrained and approved for rehoming, it will be time to find it a new home. Retraining of Racehorses (RoR), a charity working with HEROS, will be responsible for these matters. RoR will leverage its network to make sure each horse ends up with an appropriate new owner.

At a later date, BHA will release a retirement assessment and tracking tool to make finding former racehorses a new home even easier. The collaboration between BHA and HEROS is a part of UK Racing’s overall equine welfare initiatives.

Dedication to the Horses’ Wellbeing

Philip Freedman, chairman of RoR, noted that the new collaboration comes as a result of the continuous growth in the demand for thoroughbred horses among the equestrian community. He called this a “very positive development” and pointed out that RoR continues to play a large role in this tendency. The charity organization, as noted by Freedman, continues to seek opportunities for former racehorses and to provide education measures for their riders.

Barry Johnson, chairman of the Horse Welfare Board, spoke about the so-called “The Life Well Lived” strategy. He shared that it was created to ensure that thoroughbred horses are receiving the best care throughout their whole lives.

This new agreed definition of racing’s responsibility means we can now expand the sport’s safety net to ensure a smooth transition out of racing for any horse bred for racing. This is about providing a safe space for thoroughbreds that may need additional support via an industry-backed organization with first-class experience and facilities.

Barry Johnson, chair, Horse Welfare Board

It should also be noted that new retraining accreditation standards are expected to launch by the end of 2022.

Speaking about racing, the Racing League just announced that it will continue working with William Hill throughout the 2022 season.

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