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MaximBet Teams with Flows for Automation and Innovation

Sports betting and gaming brand MaximBet announced today a new strategic partnership with Flows that will bring automation to its processes and further enhance customer experience.

Develop and Integrate New Intelligent Features

The partnership between North America’s lifestyle sports betting and online casino brand MaximBet and the operator of automation platform Flows will see a range of new intelligent features deployed with the gaming brand’s operations as it is looking to automate and streamline its processes while rapidly expanding across the US.

Commenting on the agreement, MaximBet’s chief executive officer Daniel Graetzer outlined that MaximBet, as “a customer-centric company” strives to improve customer experience, and partnering with Flows will enable that by bringing “rapid development of automation.”

“Customers are discerning, and technology is moving at an incredible pace, so leveraging the best-in-breed third-party tools is essential to enhancing our experience. Our mission to be the premier lifestyle brand in sports betting and offering a world-class user experience is a key part of that commitment.”

Daniel Graetzer, CEO, MaximBet

Designed and built to be as much interoperable between different systems as possible, the platform developed by Flows allows its partners to freely innovate and implement innovations while also keeping full ownership of their product roadmaps.

Pushing the Boundaries with Modern Technology

Not hiding his excitement and content from the new strategic partnership with MaximBet, James King, chief executive officer at Flows, outlined how eager everyone at Flows is to start supporting the “incredible journey and growth throughout North America” of the sports betting and online casino gaming brand.

“It’s great for us to be able to work with a group who share the same enthusiasm for modern technologies and pushing the current boundaries as we do at Flows. This opportunity really sets the foundation for our North American ambitions and I’m proud of our team to have created a product that is being contracted by an operator the caliber of MaximBet.”

James King, CEO, Flows

Under the agreement with Flows, MaximBet will be able to integrate the platform with any app or source data quickly, coordinate between multiple systems, and automate workflows in real time while retaining full control over its product roadmap.

The brand, currently live in Colorado, teamed with Colorado Rockies Charlie Blackmon a.k.a. “Chuck Nazty” last month to make the active MLB player its brand ambassador and leverage his popularity among baseball fans in marketing campaigns, fan events, and social media announcements.

Outside of Colorado, MaximBet is planning to launch in Indiana and Iowa next while also having secured market access deals in New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Ontario in Canada, among others.

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