Action Network Signs Big Deal With NFT Community Knights of Degen

Market leader and provider of news, industry insights, data, odds, and betting tools for sports aficionados Action Network has inked a deal with non-fungible token community (NFT) Knights of Degen. The important partnership will help fill the gap between sports aficionados and the Web3-based community with a passion for NFTs. The new agreement has been signed right on time before the upcoming National Football League (NFL) season that will start in September.

A First for Knights of Degen

Founded by a team of sports personalities and Web3 entrepreneurs including Frew Austin, Jerry Ferrara, Jared Augustine, and Tiki Barber, Knights of Degen has never had the opportunity to collaborate with a dedicated sports media company before. The new agreement is therefore expected to help the community grow and get access to new content created together with Action Network. The contract also includes a series of in-real-life events such as the NFL Kick-Off event, together with other in-person events and attractive contests with prizes. Every Knight NFT holder will receive a Premium Subscription to the media company’s sports betting content free of charge. 

Ex-New York Giant running back Tiki Barber spoke about the essence of the Knights of Degen community. He explained “it’s about hanging out on Sundays with your friends”, discussing the freshest game action or talking through fantasy scores. Barber further explained that Action Network is the ideal partner that will offer them the “great value and service” they are looking for. He also called Knights of Degen the “perfect entrance for traditional sports fans into Web3”.

What Will the Action Network Community Get?

In exchange, Action Network fans will get access to fresh contests, athlete AMAs, and a series of educational messages that will better introduce them to the NFT universe. Action Network will be buying Knights of Degen NFTs as a means of joining the community. Better Collective’s senior vice president Scott Miller explained how the world of sports betting is packed with “unique one-of-a-kind experiences” similar to NFTs, calling their penetration into the Web3 space proof of their commitment to mixing technology with sports. Better Collective 

is Active Network’s parent company in the US. In July, Better Collective appointed Action Network’s Sean Valukis as its new senior vice president of marketing.

Knights of Degen NFT owners will get to enjoy traditional sports from a different perspective by owning teams like Wagmi United and Fan Controlled Football, registering for exclusive contests, and even joining VIP experiences and perks.

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