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UKGC Investigates Another Conservative over Election Date Bets

Mason is notably the fourth person suspected of using privileged information to place wagers on political outcomes

Yet another British Conservative Party member is being investigated over potential insider betting. The investigation by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) comes amid a gambling scandal over Tory politicians placing wagers on political outcomes.

The fourth Conservative Party administration member suspected of being involved in the scandal is its chief data officer, Nick Mason. Like the other people incriminated in the matter, Mason is believed to have placed insider bets on the timing of Rishi Sunak’s surprising snap election.

The date of the election, July 4, was officially confirmed by the Prime Minister on May 22. However, the Tories who have placed bets on this outcome might have had insider information, resulting in corrupted wagers.

According to The Sunday Times, Mason might have placed dozens of bets on political outcomes. The Tories’ chief data officer, however, denies violating any betting rules.

Mason is notably the fourth person suspected of using privileged information to place wagers on political outcomes. Others include Craig Williams, a senior Sunak aide, who admitted to placing a £100 bet.

A few days later, Laura Saunders, Bristol North West candidate for the party, was accused of placing a bet concerning the timing of the election. Following that one of Sunak’s protection officers was arrested for allegedly placing bets on the date.

Sunak Was Outraged But Perhaps Too Late

Before Mason was incriminated, the Prime Minister commented on the matter, expressing outrage over the allegations. Sunak was very angry with his colleagues and vowed to take decisive action against anyone who was found guilty of placing insider bets.

Sunak went as far as warning that violators risk expulsion from the Tories, arguing that they’d otherwise tarnish the party’s image. Unfortunately, this might have already happened as critics slammed Sunak’s inaction and the fact that his party allowed this to happen.

Amid the scandal, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper accused the Conservatives of “taking voters for granted.”

The insider betting allegations come in an already difficult time for the Conservatives, which have been losing steam for the last few years. According to political bettors, Sunak and the conservatives might lose dozens, if not hundreds of seats, repeating the Tory tragedy from 1945 when they lost over 200 seats.


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