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Survey Reveals 38% Support for Betting Legalization in Missouri

While 38% of the likely voters said they would support legalizing the activity, 35% admitted they would oppose the initiative

Currently, there are a dozen states that are yet to legalize sports betting. Missouri is one out of two states where there’s an ongoing effort to put the legalization up for a vote on the upcoming Ballot in November. The results of a new poll, released last week, reveal that the legalization of sports betting is likely going to receive support from voters in Missouri.

Per the details of a new Emerson College Polling/The Hill survey, conducted between June 17 and June 19, 2024, among 1,000 registered voters, more than one third would vote in favor of legalizing betting on sports. Overall, 38% of the likely voters said that they would support the legalization of the activity.

On the other hand, 35% admitted that they would vote against the sports betting legalization. While those results are close, a significant proportion of the likely voters haven’t decided on what to vote yet. Some 26% of the survey participants said that they were not sure whether they would vote for or against the legalization of gambling.

Legalizing Betting on Sports Would Benefit the State

In case the voters rule in favor of the legalization of sports betting, Missouri would become the latest state to offer retail and mobile sports wagering. The legalization of the activity would enable casinos in the state to offer wagering on sports. At the same time, professional sports teams in Missouri will benefit from sponsorship opportunities.

Not unexpectedly, legal wagering is expected to generate millions in tax revenue. As with other states, lawmakers in Missouri consider using the additional tax revenue for education, providing vital funding for different programs.

Amid fears about the potential negative impact of wagering, the state would dedicate no less than $5 million per year toward treating gambling harm and preventing problem gambling. This is not uncommon, and Missouri is expected to follow the best practices already established in other states to ensure the effectiveness of its gambling harm mitigation efforts.

Missouri Voters Likely to Approve Sports Betting Legalization

Matt Taglia, Emerson College’s senior polling director, who was recently quoted by Fox2NOW, revealed: “There are some pluralities here who support sports betting. If it were on the ballot, they would vote to pass it today.”

Additionally, the expert explained: “I think that there’s some messaging work to do here if you’re on the side of passing sports betting in Missouri. I don’t think folks necessarily know what all it entails, but a lot of them are, in principle, supportive of the idea.”

Despite the support of 38% of the potential voters, to appear on the Ballot in November, the sports betting proposal must first gather enough signatures via a petition across Missouri.

Nearly all of Missouri’s neighbors currently offer sports betting, with the list including Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. The only exception is Oklahoma.


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