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Australian Study: Problem Players Place a Third of All Bets  

The Alliance for Gambling Reform suggested that the government should adopt all 31 recommendations of the parliamentary report into online gambling

Australia continues to struggle with serious problem gambling rates, a new study shows. Conducted by Roy Morgan and published by the Alliance for Gambling Reform, the survey found out that problem gamblers make up a fifth of operators’ user base and were responsible for approximately a third of all money wagered on sports.

Roy Morgan polled some 16,000 Australians, learning that 15.5% of them had placed a sports wager at least once in the 12 months to March 2024. Based on this data, the analyst firm concluded that approximately 3.26 million Australians have placed bets in that period of time.

This figure implies a significant increase from the 7% a few years earlier, suggesting that the problem continues to get more and more serious. To make matters worse, the study also estimated that problem gamblers made up 20% of sportsbooks’ customer base during the 12 months to March.

Additionally, Roy Morgan’s data estimates that a tenth of all punters are problem gamblers. Despite that, such players are responsible for over a third (34%) of the wagering volume, the firm further elaborated.

For context, Australian bettors lose approximately AUD 25 billion to gambling every year. This figure firmly cements Australia as the most gambling country per capita in the world.

Experts Are Concerned

The study comes amid increased concerns over the prevalence of gambling and its potential effects on the younger generation. Critics have become increasingly wary of the association of sports with gambling and the proliferation of gambling advertising.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform commented on the concerning results of the Roy Morgan survey, saying that they highlight the predatory nature of online betting and gaming. The organization continues to call for a ban on online gambling ads and improved customer protections.

Martin Thomas, interim CEO of the alliance, said:

These are huge numbers and they highlight how a predatory online gambling industry is ensnaring a whole new generation into gambling. We know that last year there were over a million gambling ads bombarding our screens. We have to stop this.

Martin Thomas, interim CEO, Alliance for Gambling Reform

Thomas believes that the torrent of gambling advertising is “inescapable” and very dangerous to younger people who can be swayed into taking risks more easily. He suggested that the government should adopt all 31 recommendations of the parliamentary report into online gambling.

Critics further say that the government should take responsibility and stand up to the gambling companies and sporting organizations. Former athletes even accused lawmakers of lacking the backbone to protect consumers from the dangers of unchecked gambling.


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