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UKGC Reportedly Investigates MP Candidate over Political Betting  

Jonathan Ashworth, a member of the Labour Party, called the allegations “utterly extraordinary” and slammed Sunak for “lacking the backbone to take action”

Craig Williams, a senior Rishi Sunak aide, is being investigated over a wager on the date of the upcoming general election. The man confirmed that he put a wager on the election and promised to cooperate with the probe.

According to an earlier report, Williams, who is a prospective MP for Montgomeryshire & Glyndwr, placed a £100 wager on the upcoming election’s date three days before Sunak confirmed that it would take place on July 4.

The bet could have netted the player up to £500 following the election.

Williams decided to come clean and published an official statement on X. He confirmed that he had been contacted by a journalist about the UKGC’s inquiry into his wager. The man added that he thought that the best course of action was to be “totally transparent.”

I put a flutter on the general election some weeks ago. This has resulted in some routine inquiries and I confirm I will fully cooperate with these.

Craig Williams

Williams added that he should have thought about how this looked and should have been wary about the distraction from the campaign his wager would cause.

Williams reiterated his intention to cooperate with the authorities during the investigations.

Political Opponents Were Unhappy with Sunak’s Inaction

Jonathan Ashworth, a member of the Labour Party, called the allegations “utterly extraordinary” and slammed Sunak for “lacking the backbone to take action.”

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper, meanwhile, was not happy with Williams’s wager and called for his immediate suspension as a candidate and member of the Conservatives, at least until the inquiries were over. Cooper accused Sunak and the Conservatives for “taking voters for granted.”

Speaking of the Conservative Party, a spokesperson confirmed that the party is aware of the inquiry. However, the spokesperson added that this is a “personal matter for the individual” and not something that concerns the Conservatives as a whole.

The spokesperson said that they would refrain from further comment, considering that the investigation is ongoing. The UKGC, on the other hand, said that it could not confirm or deny whether any investigations are ongoing before they are concluded.

Usually, professional athletes are prohibited from wagering because they could have access to confidential information that could provide them with an unfair advantage. It is yet to be seen whether the UKGC will rule that Williams had insider information about Sunak’s snap election.


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