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Man Attempts to Blackmail the Star, Faces Permanent Injunction Order

The leading gambling operator filed a lawsuit against the person who tried to blackmail it by threating to release sensitive customer information

An unsuccessful job applicant at the Star Entertainment’s Sydney Casino attempted to blackmail the leading operator earlier this year, a newly released report suggests. The blackmail attempt resulted in immediate legal action filed by the gambling operator that sought to protect customer data which the applicant threatened to release to the public.

The case involves a person identified with the initials “AB,” according to court documents, as reported by the Daily Telegraph this week. Back in January, the man, whose name was not disclosed, submitted an application for a job at the Star Sydney.

As it is usual for job applications, the operator conducted a background check. Surprisingly, the Star uncovered that the applicant did not disclose details regarding his existing criminal record.

Per the recently released report, the person had an extensive criminal history with the list including convictions for car theft and dishonesty. AB also had a record of traffic violations and breaches of domestic violence orders.

Not unexpectedly, in light of the extensive criminal history, the person’s application was rejected by the Star this spring. About a week after AB was denied the job at Star Sydney, the man sent a demanding email to the operator’s human resources team. In his message, AB tried to blackmail the operator by threatening to release sensitive customer data unless they fired his former partner.

The Person Sent an Apology, Admitted to Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The man claimed to be in possession of customer data, which included privacy and banking information, court documents reveal. AB reportedly attached screenshots to his message to confirm that he is serious about his plan. The email was sent on April 7 and demanded the Star to let go of AB’s former partner by 10 AM on the same day.

It wasn’t long after the email was received by the Star that the HR team sent back a message informing the man that he may be subject to criminal and civil liability. This is a standard course of action although in the particular case, it did not have much effect, considering that AB sent a response that read: “She has to go, or I will put the information out.”

In light of the seriousness of the case, the Star reached out to a law firm and filed a proceeding against the extortionist. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court in New South Wales issued a permanent injunction order against the man. The court decision effectively means that AB is permanently forbidden from disclosing any data belonging to the Star or its clients.

In an unexpected turn of events, the extortionist sent an apology to lawyers representing the Star.

The man reportedly claimed that he doesn’t remember making the threat and admitted that he was likely under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.

Besides regretting his actions, AB confirmed that he is undergoing substance addiction treatment.


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