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UK Lottery Records Stable Growth Ahead of Allwyn’s Impending Takeover

Growth across most metrics and a continuing shift towards digital services should create a suitable launch platform for the lottery’s new owner

With revenues up across the board, Camelot UK showcased a strong performance and significant contributions to good causes. Despite the company’s limited remaining time as the operator of the National Lottery in the United Kingdom, its success should set an example for Allwyn. The Czech operator will officially take over in early 2024 and has plans to introduce sweeping upgrades.

Financials Were Up across the Board

Camelot UK Lotteries experienced a remarkable year in sales and revenue growth. The £8.19 billion ($10.1 billion) in sales for the 2022-23 financial year marked the second largest annual profit since the lottery’s 1994 launch, surpassing 2021-22’s results by an impressive £99.6 million ($123.4 million).

The lottery’s draw-based games contributed to over half of the year’s profits, reaching £4.74 billion ($5.87 billion) in sales and surpassing last year’s results by £9.19 million ($11.38 million). Several multimillion jackpots reinvigorated player interest, bolstering engagement and guaranteeing the lottery’s enduring popularity. 

We’re delighted to have grown National Lottery sales year-on-year to their second highest on record, creating almost 400 millionaires in the process.

Clare Swindell and Neil Brocklehurst, Camelot co-chief executives 

This fiscal year is also notable due to the impressive growth in digital sales, which soared by £274.2 million (339.68 million) for a total of £3.69 billion ($4.57 billion). Despite retail still maintaining the lead with sales of £4.50 billion ($5.58 billion), next year may finally see the online sector come ahead. 

Allwyn Seems Ready to Take the Reigns

Such impressive financials will undoubtedly lay a solid foundation for Allwyn’s February 1, 2024, takeover. The Czech company plans to invest heavily in improving the lottery’s tech offerings to capitalize on the online sector’s growing popularity. In April, the operator announced a deal with Vodafone, upgrading nearly all aspects of the mobile user experience.

Allwyn should also hopefully maintain the lottery’s strong commitment to Good Causes. In the past fiscal year, Camelot contributed roughly £1.88 billion ($2.33 billion) to such initiatives, aiming to deliver its services with a focus on safety and social responsibility. Although the operator’s tenure nears its end, the management team vowed to maintain its commitment to local communities.

It’s clear that The National Lottery is delivering for players and society in what are very challenging times. 

Clare Swindell and Neil Brocklehurst, Camelot co-chief executives

Overall, Allwyn will inherit a profitable and socially responsible business with substantial cultural significance. The lottery’s new owners must swiftly modernize its offerings, maintain a vast retail network, and ensure continued support for Good Causes. Hopefully, Allwyn’s substantial experience in other European nations will help it tackle these challenges and continue providing an unmatched lottery experience to UK players.

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