September 20, 2022 3 min read

Allwyn Received the Fourth National Lottery License

After months of hurdles, Allwyn has finally received the fourth license to operate Britain’s National Lottery. The Czech operator was selected as the successor of the incumbent operator, Camelot, in March. However, the latter company put up a tough resistance against the licensing of Allwyn as the next National Lottery operator.

Allwyn Crowned as Next National Lottery Operator

In early September, Camelot finally withdrew its legal challenge, allowing the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission (UKGC) to name Allwyn as the next National Lottery operator. Today, the commission was finally able to begin the transitioning process.

As a seasoned lottery operator, Allwyn hopes to boost National Lottery sales and, by extension, donate more money to good causes. In addition, the company plans to move to a new platform that will have better built-in player protection systems. Overall, Allwyn’s main priority is to channel more players toward the National Lottery, while ensuring a safer experience for players.

In addition, the future lottery operator plans to enhance retail shops and work with local SMEs to support the local economy.

Allwyn will take over the National Lottery in February 2024, after Camelot’s license expires. Currently, the company needs to undergo a complex transitioning process. To that end, Allwyn launched a new office in Watford to be able to closely work with Camelot on the transition.  

Allwyn Executives Are Thrilled to Begin the Transitioning

David Craven, chief executive of Allwyn, said he believes the licensing signifies a time for a change for the National Lottery. He vowed to innovate and do everything in his power to boost sales and donate more money to good causes.

Justin King, chairman of Allwyn, spoke about the licensing. He shared that he is glad to finally have Allwyn licensed as the United Kingdom’s National Lottery operator and is looking forward to working with Camelot on a seamless transition. King noted that his team wants to be in its A-game by 2024 when the time comes for Allwyn to take over. Once the Czech firm begins its work as a National Lottery operator, King said, it will prioritize customer safety and superior player experiences powered by cutting-edge tech.

Sir Keith Mills, senior independent director at Allwyn, noted that the Allwyn team feels honored to be able to tend to the lottery for the next decade. He noted that Allwyn hopes to win back former National Lottery customers and inspire new Brits to play with the National Lottery. Mills said that he can’t wait to work alongside King and the rest of the Allwyn board.


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