September 20, 2022 2 min read

ClutchBet Goes Live in the Iowan Sports Betting Market

Sportsbook ClutchBet has made an entry in the Iowa market, which has become the first jurisdiction in which the mobile-first sports betting platform has entered. The launch comes on time for Week 3 of the NFL Season 2022 and offers ClutchBet the chance to compete against other established companies in the market.

ClutchBet Happy to Enter the Betting Market in Iowa

Iowa allows anyone of the legal betting age, which is 21, to download and/or sign up for ClutchBet. Sports fans can download the dedicated app or visit to bet directly, picking from thousands of markets and numerous sporting events once they have completed their registrations.

ClutchBet is confident that it will quickly grow its footprint in the market and help secure a share of Hawkeye State’s thriving sports betting economy. The company relies on in-house technology to give itself a competitive edge and demonstrate that its offer is spot-on and appealing to consumers.

ClutchBet offers great odds and products, the company assures in its press release. Other perks include a highly trained internal trading team, innovative wagering products, customer service that will help consumers, and proprietary technology that will always assist sports fans to get the best market options sorted out and visible.

ClutchBet SVP of Operations Jake Francis welcomed the opportunity to launch in Iowa and introduce sports fans to the sports betting platform. He added:

Sports fans in Iowa deserve a memorable betting experience and we are thrilled to make our U.S. debut in a state with an incredibly rich sporting history and legion of passionate sports fans.

ClutchBet SVP of Operations Jake Francis

ClutchBet SVP of Marketing Sean Phinney also praised the launch and said that the company is committed to delivering the best possible wagering product. The launch was accompanied by several types of promotions as well, as ClutchBet tries to secure a strong start in the Iowan market.

ClutchBet has teamed up with the Q Casino in order to be able to deploy its product, part of the regulatory prerequisite to launch any type of sports betting product in the state.


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