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Twitch Streamer xQc’s Fans Bet $119M on

Twitch streamer xQc has said that he has been able to generate a total of $119 million – so far – for his gambling sponsor, The streamer was quoted by, which dug deeper into the streamer’s interest in gambling – a passion that has been rekindled over the past weeks.

Gambling Sponsorships More Openly Talked About Now

After getting blasted by his father for losing $2 million on stream, xQc (whose real name is Félix Lengyel), the streamer said that he would be returning to gambling and said it was something he loved doing. In a previous confession, xQc admitted to being a gambling addict but assured his viewers that he had the money to afford to be an addict.

His story reminds that of another popular Twitch streamer, Trainwreck, who has had a similar relationship with gambling. Both streamers seem to be sponsored, and while the details of their partnerships with gambling platforms aren’t clear, some streamers have previously spoken about the nature of these collaborations.

According to Mizkif, another streamer, gambling companies are willing to offer as much as $10 million per partnership. These partnerships are often too tempting for most streamers to turn down. For example, xQc is a former Overwatch Player, but he has discovered a new-found love for gambling, which some of his fans criticized as “selling out.”

xQc has stood adamant in the face of such accusations and stated that he would rather do what he loved rather than pretend and skip. He also blasted fellow streamers and viewers who were holding him to some unrealistic standards while they would personally probably do the same thing he is doing and not necessarily out of his reasons -which was a love for gambling.

Don’t Hurry to Throw the First Stone

He criticized Ludwig, another streamer who moved to YouTube and who recently offered comments on gambling streams, saying that Ludwig had sold out to the Google-owned video sharing and streaming platform for more money.

The promo code used by xQc has driven a steady handle to, it seems, but there is nothing objectionable in that it seems as if the majority of people tuning in to watch xQc have been more than happy to do so.

It is mostly “old fans” that have been unhappy with the change of course. Then again, xQc did gamble back in 2021 and his present return is of no surprise to many, as the streamer talked actively about it. He recently discussed his passion for gambling with another prominent streamer, Pokimane.


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