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Asmongold Says He Won’t Sell Out to Gambling Sponsors

Asmongold has joined the big controversy that surrounds Twitch streamers and their proclivity to gamble. Ludwig, xQc, and Mizkif have all openly participated in or teased gambling sponsorships, and Asmongold, real name Zack, said that he would never consider selling himself and do sponsored gambling sponsorships on Twitch.

Asmongold Takes on Gambling Sponsorships

After xQc admitted that his viewers had placed a total of $119 million bets through his unique sponsored code provided by, the platform that sponsors him. Well, Asmongold would ever “sell out” to do something similar, he said in a recent video, aligning himself with other streamers, such as Ludwig, and even Pokimane, who have condemned the practice in their own way.

Twitch is still accepting sponsored gambling sponsorships, which are not illegal but have caused a good deal of controversy in the long term. The tipping point was when xQc announced a few weeks ago that he is switching to gambling and argued that it was a passion of his and he had nothing to be sorry about.

The fact that a prominent streamer such as xQc would make the switch though has elicited a vocal response from the community. Asmongold minced no words and said that sponsored gambling streams should be made illegal. He joined Ludwig, who has been calling for the same measure. Don’t blame streamers like xQc, Asmongold explained, but rather a system that is not making it safe for streamers to game and enjoy themselves.

Asmongold vowed that he would never sell out to such arrangements and argued that he would do so for purely selfish reasons – he had enough money and his reputation was far more valuable to him than any amount of money that he could be offered. If a “gambling sponsor offered me $20 million a year – I wouldn’t do it,” Asmongold said flatly.

Gambling Content Is Not Boring

“I already have a lot of money,” he assured, “and it’s an ego reason because I want to make content for the rest of my life,” the streamer continued. This would mean that he would need his reputation to stay intact. Asmongold did touch on gambling content in terms of pure value, and argued that it would be hard to call it “boring content.”

If it were boring, he said, there wouldn’t be so many people watching and they wouldn’t be among the most-watched content Twitch is allowing. In the long term, though, gambling content will hurt Twitch and Asmongold is confident that the Amazon-owned giant should act sooner rather than later.


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