May 23, 2022 2 min read


Pokimane Becomes Latest Twitch Star to Blast Gambling

The Twitch gambling saga continues after Pokimane, one of the streaming platform’s biggest female stars, decided to weigh in. In a video last week, Pokimane touched on xQc’s decision to return to sponsored gambling streams. xQc, who is arguably the most famous male streamer on the platform, has received a lot of criticism from fans and fellow streamers over his decision to endorse sponsored gambling content.

Pokimane Not Happy with Gambling

Pokimane, though, has been one who said that the streamers doing that were equally to blame, somewhat. Ludwig and Asmongold, two other prominent names in streaming argued that it was rather the platform to blame and that streamers were just making do with what they had. Asmongold explained that gambling was not boring content – otherwise, why would so many people be interested in it?

However, Pokimane was a little more critical of her own account of events. The femme fatale of Twitch streaming argued instead that the activity was “controversial” at the very least. She went on to question Twitch’s own commitment to gambling sponsorships and streams and said that many young people were exposed to this kind of content.

In other words, viewers ended up losing money after being inspired to try the hobby by prominent streamers on the platform. She also had an issue with people saying that “gambling isn’t bad,” and called this a “whataboutism.”

Streamers Should F Gambling Content

Pokimane went even further, adding that society should f— gambling and f— microtransactions that are exploiting people.  Her video was a rare criticism of gambling content on Twitch coming from one of the highest possible tribunes out there.

Pokimane urged fellow content creators to stop pretending that gambling is any less bad than it actually is and perhaps even quit it. She did not go so far as to name xQc outright and blast him, but she set her general objection and called for fellow streamers to not cave in to the temptation, and spare fans the pain as well.


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