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Twitch Boosts User Experience with Advanced Content Controls

Users now have the ability to completely filter out unwanted content such as gambling or sexual themes, giving them more control over their viewing experience

Twitch has launched a range of new features designed to allow users to have more control over the content that they are exposed to on the platform in what is seen as a major step towards enhancing user experience and safety. These changes are an extension of Twitch’s attempts at creating an inclusive community while recognizing some content may not be suitable for all people.

Twitch Rolls Out Advanced Filtering and Blurring Features

The most recent update adds advanced content filtering and thumbnail blurring features on top of last year’s Content Classification Labels (CCLs) system. These labels help categorize streams according to themes such as sexual content, drug use, gambling activities, violent representations, significant profanity and others thus enabling users to make informed choices about their viewing habits.

One notable feature now available lets users filter out streams based on these CCL categories. To access this new functionality users can go to their profile settings under ‘Content Display Preferences’. By turning off certain categories viewers will not see any content with the unwanted CCLs as it will not appear in their recommendations, category browsing, or even search results although if a user follows a particular channel, its contents should still show irrespective of applied CCL.

For minors below 18 years old who might be using the platform, there are defaults set where all but one (Mature Rated Games) is filtered automatically by Twitch so they do not see inappropriate content labeled under CCLs. Logged-out visitors also get default filters blocking media tagged with Sexual Themes and Gambling, however, upon logging in these filters are changed according to profile preferences.

Twitch Strengthens Content Oversight with Harsher Penalties for Mislabeling

Also added is a thumbnail blur option which will blur thumbnails of videos marked as having “Sexual Themes” by default thus preventing accidental exposure while scrolling through channels. However, within the ‘Content Display Preferences’ this feature can be adjusted accordingly.

Twitch has highlighted how important it is that correct CCL categorization is done on all content. This means that streamers who repeatedly fail at this could face harsher penalties like having permanent CCL labels assigned to their channels. It is one way among many others employed by the company in ensuring safety within its platform.

In a blog post announcing the changes, Jeremy Forrester, VP of community products at Twitch, commented: “Our goal with these changes is to make it easier for you to have a Twitch experience that’s right for you and to choose the communities that you want to be a part of. We recognize that everyone’s viewing preferences differ, and you should have more control over what you encounter when you come to Twitch.”

Previously Twitch took action against gambling on its site and banned unlicensed casino streams in August 2023 following complaints about online casinos Blaze and Gamdom aggressively marketing to Twitch’s young audience base.


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