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Neymar Jr. Flashes $280K Watch with Roulette Dial

Neymar Jr.’s dalliance with gambling has been well-documented, from his tantrum fits in online poker to his flirtations with roulette

Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. often grabs headlines, not least for his gambling antics and occasional feigned injuries on the pitch. Recently, he appeared in the limelight because of a timepiece he was sporting, with the watch’s dial representing a roulette wheel.

A Nod to His Love for Gambling

The luxurious item was first spotted during the Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tyson Fury boxing match in Saudi Arabia, which Neymar Jr. attended. The player, who transferred from Ligue 1’s Paris Saint-Germain to Al Hilal Saudi Football Club as part of a $165 million contract and a $90 million transfer fee, has often been seen in and around casino resorts.

His watch, estimated to cost $280,000 and built by Jacob & Co., a New York-based watchmaker, is a subtle tribute to Neymar Jr.’s love for gambling, even though Saudi Arabia bans gambling and imposes strict penalties on gamblers.

Neymar’s gambling habits have been controversial. On one occasion, he couldn’t play in a Paris Saint-Germain game due to an injury but was able to attend the F1 Monaco Grand Prix and later dropped by the famous Monte Carlo Casino, which he imprudently documented on social media, drawing criticism from his club.

Neymar Jr.’s fraught relationship with gambling does not end there. He has been known to stream his gambling activities and often loses. He once lost $1 million in 60 minutes of online casino play, an experience he streamed and was largely teased about in subsequent months.

Do Not Try This at Home

At the time, he appeared livid by what he had done, but quickly regained good spirits and said that he had acted rashly, advising his followers and viewers to not try and copy him.

The player also developed a soft spot for poker tournaments, winning $32,131 in live poker earnings over the past months. However, he has not been too active on that front, choosing to dabble in online gambling as a recreational activity rather than pursue a serious career in it.

Neymar Jr.’s flirtation with gambling does not seem to be over, especially now that the player has drawn attention to his whimsical choice of luxury watch. Neymar Jr. has also been a long-standing ambassador for Team PokerStars and has generally been known around the poker community.


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