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TSM Qualifies for 2020 LoL Worlds, Cloud9 Gets Eliminated

For the first time since 2017, Team SoloMid managed to secure a spot in the League of Legends World Championship. In doing so, the team eliminated Cloud9 from qualifying.

Cloud9 Misses First LoL World Championship Qualification

Last night’s game between TSM and C9 was historic because it has two serious implications. First, Team SoloMid is returning to the Worlds after a three-year pause since 2017, and Cloud9 will skip the entire competition because the team just got eliminated. The downfall of Cloud9 is doubly upsetting when you consider their most recent performance in the Spring Split, which the team dominated.

Cloud9 did well half way through the summer leg, but they ultimately faltered to deliver the necessary results in the deciding Summer Finals weekend.

Cloud9’s games in the final were hesitant, allowing TSM to get an early lead both in the individual games as well as the overall placement. While Cloud9 showed a strong game during the Spring Split, they failed to do so in these decisive moments.

Cloud9 Fail to Coordinate Their Plays against TSM

Blaber and Nisqy just couldn’t find the lockstep that would have allowed them to push through TSM’s offensive and promote their team out of the split and into the 2020 Worlds. Several spur-of-the-moment skirmishes trying to make up for previous mistakes ended up in a small disaster for Cloud9.

TSM managed to stick together all throughout the games and to continuously secure map objectives, tackling turrets and invading the enemy’s jungle as a single unit. Bjergesen’s Twisted Fate proved one of the team’s strengths.

More interestingly, the recent qualification puts TSM on par with FNATIC for the teams to have the most Worlds appearances – 8 for each team according to LoL Esports Stats. Fans are now hoping that TSM will finally restore their confidence to push on and deliver more spectacular games.

TSM are one of the oldest competitive franchises in the League of Legends community. The team started as a community and a discussion board about the game. Gradually, players began organizing scrimmages and the idea was born to register an official competitive brand.

With TSM going to the Worlds, the LCS Summer Playoffs continue today with the bout between FlyQuest and Team Liquid at 3 pm CT.

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