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Certain Face Coverings Not Allowed Inside Little River Casino Resort

The Little River Casino Resort in Manistee, Michigan, is changing its masks requirements for guests as certain types of face coverings will no longer be accepted. Effective September 7, the casino resort in the Lakes State will not allow inside the property customers wearing bandanas, gaiters and masks with valves.

New Virus Developments Require Fast Response

In an announcement Thursday, the casino property owned and operated by the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians informed the public that due to ongoing developments regarding the effectiveness of certain types of masks against the coronavirus person-to-person transmission, the casino resort’s health and safety policy will change.

“Bandanas, gaiters and masks with valves will no longer be acceptable face coverings. These types of face coverings allow unfiltered, exhaled air and respiratory droplets to escape more easily. Guests who arrive wearing an unacceptable type of face covering will be offered a disposable mask at the entrance.”

Press release, Little River Casino Resort

Gaiters are originally designed to ensure sun and wind protection for the neck and face, but they are commonly used nowadays as face coverings due to the requirements aimed at curbing the coronavirus from spreading further.

“The change in policy corresponds to a recent study where the three types of masks noted did not perform as well as others at catching exhaled droplets. Because there are still many uncertainties about COVID-19, when scientific research presents best practice recommendations with objective data to back it up, it needs to be considered. In this case, we felt it was necessary to implement this recommendation.”

James Henderson, Risk Manager, Little River Casino Resort

Little River Casino Resort was closed down mid-March to support effort across the state and country to halt the violent outbreak of the virus. Having reopened May 29, the casino signed a partnership deal in June with Rush Street Interactive for its retail sports book.

Own Health and Safety Program

Since its re-opening for the public, Little River Casino Resort implemented its own health and safety program, designed to mitigate the risk of virus transmission. The casino press release further explained that the new mask requirements would apply as to the guests of the property, so to all of its team members.

The casino’s risk manager pointed out that, as customers often forget to put their masks back on after enjoying a meal or a drink, team members will be there to kindly remind them to adhere to the safety measures inside the property. Henderson used the occasion to ask customers to show kindness and respect to the people who take care for their enjoyable, but most importantly, safe time inside the property, as safety is a priority at Little River Casino Resort.


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