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The Dead Could Reign Once Again in CoD on September 4

A zombie apocalypse is brewing in Call of Duty: Mobile with a new zombie mode possibly arriving on September 4, a new community update has revealed before reverting the statement.

Will Call of Duty Get Zombies Back in September?

Zombies might be coming back to Call of Duty: Mobile and they seem hungrier than ever. The acclaimed Attack of the Undead mode has been one of the most successful post-release additions to the game and the dead will return once again.

In a recent Community Update on a Reddit CoD: Mobile developers briefly detailed the release date as September 4, 2020. Once again, the mode is expected to come in an exclusive capacity, meaning it wouldn’t be around for too long.

The good news is that developers have not yet posted any end date, with fans hoping the fun to stretch through at least the end of September. Zombies have been a successful part of the CoD franchise ever since Treyarch introduced a dedicated zombie mode in Black Ops 4.

The previous installment of zombies in the CoD franchise proved quite the raging success and fans have been eager to get more of the same.

Patient Zero: How Does the Zombie Mode Work?

In Attack of the Undead mode, one player is usually picked at random to become the zombie at the start of each round. The player would have to convert as many fellow players into zombies as he or she can before the time is up.

While zombies can be killed they cannot be kept dead, as each zombie respawns. Meanwhile, any dead player comes back as a flesh-eating and brain-coveting zombie.

The upside of being a survivor, though, is that you will usually pack a small arsenal whereas zombies will need to get up close and personal to convert you, i.e. they only deal melee damage.

While the CoD: Mobile community is anticipating the next zombie apocalypse with excitement, developers have been running the Snipers Only and Prop Hunt modes, which will end on September 3, 2020.

The hoping goes that developers would take mercy on the community and allow the zombie mode to run for a whole lot longer than the preceding modes, which launched just a few days back in August.

Why the Doubt about the Upcoming Mode?

Revisiting the Community Update, we found a post dated August 29 by COD_Mobile_Official which explained that zombies would not be reintroduced:

“We decided to remove Zombies mode and focus primarily on making content for Battle Royale and Multiplayer. Additionally, we didn’t like where that mode was it and to bring up to the same quality as MP or BR would have required us to work less on those modes.” 

The developers cited their focus on the Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes as the reason why a new zombie apocalypse would suck up too much effort for the time being. Besides, the zombies seemed to have failed to hit the benchmark for quality.

Zombies, as it seems, would have to stay dead for a little while longer. Some have suggested that zombies may be returning for the anniversary of Season 11 in October.

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  • Clifford Rust
    January 2, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    Just bring back the zombie mode as it was already, maybe 85% of players are just getting very bored and tired of ONLY multi-player/PVP, most if not all yall add for it are events that offer mostly only CAMO’s for everything and that by far does not bring more excitement to the game, if anything it brings more and more disappointment of which is causing more and more people to lose interest in the game and stop playing so I say itd be in yalls best interest to bring back zombie mode as it was cause itd probably bring back players that stopped playing due to boredom.

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