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Riot Games Releases New Pick’em Game for LoL Worlds

The League of Legends (LoL) World Championship is closing in with the pre-group stage scramble set to begin on October 5, 2021. The event already has fans stoked, but the return of the quintessential predictions game, Pick’em, is once again going to add to the experience and allow LoL fans to make predictions about the winners of the event ahead of schedule.

Pick’em Adds to the Engagement for LoL Fans 

The new version of Pick’em comes with two brand-new mechanics, referred to as Crystal Ball and The Coin. Thanks to the Crystal Ball feature, gamers can try and call the outright winners of the Worlds. The feature was released on Sunday, September 26, and gives participants time through Tuesday, October 5, to lock in their pick. 

From October 10 onwards, fans will be vying to accumulate the best score. Those who place early calls through the Crystal Ball and get the correct outright winner will benefit from additional 20 extra points towards their final score. 

If you miss out on a selection, though, The Coin feature will be triggered, which will automatically fill in for any potential omissions. Players will be able to bet on the entirety of the event, including the group and knockout stages. 

Never Miss a Selection with “The Coin” Feature 

“The Coin will make random selections for players who miss a Pick Stage so they can always join late and let the RNG gods decide for them,” Riot Games elaborated in an official statement detailing how the features work.

Pick’em participants will benefit from in-game rewards distributed through the League of Legends client. This could include Esports Capsules, Blue Essence, Summoner Icons, Hextech Chests, and more. 

Players who manage to pull off every group and bracket stage match will earn every ultimate skin released in LoL, giving participants additional incentives to try their hand at the game. 

The in-play stage will run from October 5 through October 9, followed by the group state from October 11 through October 13 and October 15 through October 18. The quarterfinals will be held between October 22 and 25, and the semifinals will take place from October 30 through October 31. The grand finals are scheduled for November 6. 


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