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Intema Solutions Completes Acquisition of Team Bloodhounds

Toronto-based Intema Solutions, an iGaming and esports firm and owner of brands, has concluded a previously-announced acquisition of Canadian esports organization Team Bloodhounds, owners of the namesake gaming brand Team BH. The deal outlined the terms as Intema paying a total of C$621,000 (around $492,040), of which C$121,000 ($95,872) came in the form of cash and C$500,000 ($396,170) was issued as one million newly-minted Intema common shares. 

The acquisition allows Intema Solutions to seek a stronger foothold in a new vertical that has access to millions of competitive gaming fans with plenty of disposable income. Intema is effectively looking to consolidate its presence in the esports segment, with Team BH’s combined followers across social media channels such as Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, reaching 7.30 million. 

Building on the Esports Momentum in Games 

Intema will seek to further develop the Team BH brand and establish it across numerous competitive titles in the esports industry. The organization seems to be focusing primarily on first-person shooters and battle royale games, such as Valorant, Fortnite and Call of Duty. All three titles have a strong esports following and are some of the most popular games in the competitive segment.

Intema president and CEO Laurent Benerza said that the company was excited to be bringing this acquisition home after the official negotiations ended. Team BH already has a strong esports footprint. The Canadian team is considered to be one of the best Fortnite powerhouses in the country and has a huge impact on the local and global esports scene.

“We envision Team BH as a game-changing member of our growing esports ecosystem and are ready to help them take things to the next level,” Benezra added. Team BH CEO and founder Matteo Di Penta said he was proud to have brought the team so far. He explained that the additional resources made available by Intema would help Team BH spearhead their operations. 

Buying Loot.Bet to Reaffirm Position in Canadian Esports 

Intema is also in the process of acquiring Livestream Gaming, which owns the esports betting brand Loot.Bet. The deal is assed at C$14.7 million ($11.65 million). Loot.Bet brought in C$92.2 million ($73.05 million) in annual betting handle in 2020. 

The betting platform posted detailed statistics about esports betting activity at the beginning of 2021, listing all top-ranking games by betting volumes, but it didn’t specify how much of its revenue actually originated from esports betting.


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