Denmark Warns Operators to Advertise Machine Winnings Properly

The Danish Gambling Authority has issued a reminder about operators’ obligations and advertisement agreements. Responding to reports that some companies may have advertised excessive slot and gambling machine winnings, the Spillemyndigheden said that winnings from such gambling operations could not exceed DKK 600 ($95) as per the existing gambling laws in the country.

Denmark is considered the safest gambling market in Europe and the only market to fully comply with European standards for safe and responsible gambling. The measure focuses exclusively on gambling machines in restaurants and gambling arcades, the regulator specifies in the release.

All marketing should be done responsibly, citing the correct numbers so as to avoid the impression that some winnings are higher than what they could realistically be, the regulator added. The Spillemyndigheden reminded that an advertisement purporting that someone has won over DKK 600 should provide clarity that the amount was most likely won by playing multiple games.

Regulating Danish Gambling without Heavy Restrictions 

Denmark has successfully regulated its gambling market for years now. It maintains tight consumer protection practices that focus on a nominal public advertisement, although the country has not discontinued bonusing and marketing efforts entirely, unlike other countries.

Spain and Italy have been two other European countries to have taken on gambling marketing a little more aggressively and deeming it necessary to stop advertisement altogether, for example. In Italy, there can be no form of gambling advertisement, whether that is done physically or interactively. Denmark, though, has decided to keep marketing efforts alive and well in order to give operators an equal footing against offshore operators that have advertising aggressively in Europe.

Denmark is also obliging any bonuses to be available for at least 60 days after claiming the bonus, giving players enough time to play through the requirements and cash any potential winnings. 

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